Best Affordable Bed Frames in Malaysia 2023

Best Affordable Bed Frames in Malaysia 2023

Searching for affordable bed frames might be an easy task but finding ones that won’t break the bank and are high-quality might be a tricky process.

You are, however, pretty lucky to have stumbled upon this article as we have scoured online to provide you with the best bed frames that are just under your RM400 budget. Scroll on to find out which bed frame is the one for you!



First up, we have the simply designed, no-fuss steel bed frame from the ever-popular IKEA. The powder-coated steel frame is sturdy and quite easy to maintain. The height is also low enough for you to place it under a window and compact enough to fit in small spaces. There is even room for storage under the bed should you like to place baskets of linens under it.

This is an amazing option for those of you who like a low-maintenance bed to sleep on.

Price: RM205 (Queen)

WENO Bed Frame by Best World Collection


Another humbly designed frame that serves as a practical choice, this wooden bed frame with drawers underneath is a great option for maximizing space in your room.

You can tuck away your belongings, sheets and linen underneath your bed which can free up more storage space in your room for other items.

Price: RM259 (Queen)

Olive Swiss Bed Frame by Finsso


A divan bed that costs less than RM300? You read that right! This Finsso bed frame is made from Nyatoh wood with a canvas-covered headboard that is soft and cushiony, great for you to lean on after a long day.

This bed frame has a minimalistic design that is great to match with almost any type of furniture you have in your sleeping space.

Price: RM293 (Queen)

Wooden Bed Frame by Warm Lumber


Our last top recommendation is one by Warm Lumber. Made with solid rubber wood, this bed frame might be the most regal-looking option we have thus far!

Sturdy and solid, this frame can uphold up to 300kg in weight.

If you are looking for one that looks way above its price, this might just be the one for you.

Price: RM350

Have we succeeded in assisting you to make the best choice for a bed frame? If so, we are more than glad to have lent you a helping hand.

But wait. This curated list is not over.

Now that we have covered everything bed frame, it is time to move on to everything mattress! And we have just the one in mind for you because that is precisely all you need: 1 perfect mattress that does it all.

Ever heard of Origin Sleep?


Origin Sleep is a groundbreaking company that hails all the way from Germany. Its hybrid mattress, proudly named Origin Hybrid Mattress, has many impeccable and out-of-this-world features that are guaranteed to wow you beyond your wildest expectations. 

The Origin mattress is designed amazingly with us Malaysians in mind. Not only does it provide optimal spinal alignment and great comfort, but it is also created with a unique cooling technology that is in favor of our country’s very unpredictable climate.

Want to achieve a wonderful, sweat-free sleeping experience? Choose a mattress that has advanced, cooling properties!

What else does Origin Mattress offer?

This state-of-the-art mattress offers 6 layers of unparalleled comfort that is so luxurious, you forget you’re sleeping in your own home. You will get access to the greatest quality materials: memory foam, pocket springs, and latex - all combined into one perfect mattress.

Remember the sweat-free sleep we talked about earlier? The cooling characteristics of its gel-infused memory foam are impeccable, as it takes away the body heat and gives you a cooling sensation. You can now enjoy a seamless sleep without having to worry about incessant night sweats!


What better way to use your new and affordable bed frame than to have an immaculate mattress to complete your new sleeping set?

For more amazing details, special features, pricing, and why it is the best mattress in the market, click here.

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