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Good quality sleep

Both my parents were happy with the sleep quality. They have been able to sleep longer hours without interruption. Thank you origin

I had slept on the origin mattress around half year already, and i'm very satisfied on it and without complain on this mattress.

I had bought a Joxx Mattress before, but it was too soft and lack of support to the body, which i found it is not suitable for me. Then i decide to give a try on Origin Mattress, which got a nice balance between softness and firmness, the mattress was built in hybrid way with more materials instead of pure latex, the feeling when sleep on the mattress is more natural, and i can easily adapt and fall in sleep on Origin Mattress very fast.

The quality of the mattress is also good, after half year use the mattress shape and firmness remain the same. I will definitely recommend Origin Mattress to my family and friends. Hopefully can see Origin Mattress continue to invent more bedding products and I will definitely give it a try, keep up the good work.

The Origin Mattress was comfortable and soft enough for my parents to sleep through the night,

After year using it, mattress still remain it shape just the day its arrive. It provide great support and love the material ๐Ÿ‘

Best Mattress I even get. Got it a year ago for my guest room as my children always complained the old mattress whenever they came back with their family. They wake up with smile face nowaday when they stay nights with us.

Ordered 2 single mattress for my kids and they feel comfy n like the bed so much n saying to me that they feel happy n sleep well with this bed compare to their previous one. So much thanks to original mattress.

Bought this single bed for almost one year, damn nice!

I faced 2 issues before this: back hurts and sunken bed.

At first, my aim was buying a bed just to replace my previous bed, at least tahan until the time I move into my own new house, until I saw this bed I changed my mind. Since there is a bed with 15 years warranty, why not buy this, and so many layers of premium materials with the same price out there, I guess that's it and bought it. I tried some other premium branded and more expensive ones out there, sorry to say to them, my bed is much more better and worth la~ the issues before this was solved, price wise, imagine u pay a normal mattress compared to this divided to 15, it's same or cheaper, but better experience, never regret.

This is the one mattress I did not regret buying. Who would have thought a mattress that could fit in the rectangular box be of this comfort? We are sports people and have been struggling with a back pain issue sleeping on mattresses that are too soft and some too stiff that we end up with neck pain too. It's been a year now sleeping on this Origin Mattress and I can safely say this is the brand to trust. Reduced back issues and certainly no neck problems.They've got the structure just nice! A top layer of very nice and soft fabric while under it the slight stiffness still remains. I am picky with colors and I thought they've nailed the cool color as well as the thickness of the mattress. If you are worried about having the mattress sink in a little after a year, this mattress doesn't sink. Am very happy with the product.

I got what I expected as they claimed. I sleep better because it is so soft & comfortable. I have used the Origin Mattress for 1 year. For me it worth it & I recommend you guys to sleep on this mattress at least one night to feel it.

Have been using Origin mattress for 9 months now and I would recommend this brand to others. Little to no disturbance when my other half twist and turn in their sleep ๐Ÿคฃ

Ever since using the Origin mattress and topper almost 10 months, I and my wife don't have backache anymore. This mattress and the topper are really comfortable and well support our spine, we can sleep soundly every night. We plan to purchase it again for other family members in the future.

I felt hot when sleeping on my previous mattress. When we move to a new home, we came across the Origin Hybrid Mattress. It have a 120 days free trial that really stand out from other brands. Also, the mattress tends to feel cool which tremendously increase my sleep quality. Definitely recommend to my friends.

A very nice experience with Origin Mattress. It does improved my sleeping quality as well. Will purchase for my family member soon.

Overall experience is good except it is not very cooling and I have to buy a cooling pad.

Have been using Origin Mattress for sometimes, it really helps with my back and very quality sleep. Definitely recommended. (already bought another unit for my parents)

I feel the mattress is comfortable to me after 5 month using, not too soft and not too hard, the hardness is just nice to relax my body while protecting my spine. I bought another mattress that is very soft previously, feel comfort at first but back pain sometimes. After change to this mattress, no more back pain.

Comfy mattress! After using for over a year can safely say it holds up and gives me great sleep at night!

mattress is as comfy as the day I got it. it holds up well ,it has been a year and its still as firm(din't sink in)...over all a good mattress and would recommend to others

Bought it a year ago, mattress is still in good condition. Giving 4 stars instead 5 because the surface of cooling effect do get stain from long hours sleeping on it, by putting a cover protector turns out no cooling effect. The current material of the surface which you can see there are fabric pills from it after using it for few months. Overall in term of comfortability I would say it's good and highly recommend for side sleeper like me.

Purchase this mattress is a wise choice, super comfort when laying on this mattress. Everyday I have a good night sleep now.

The origin mattress is so comfortable to sleep on. It has allow me to have a good nights sleep. And its safe to say the bed is my favourite hello and hardest goodbye!

This bed is so comfortable compare to my previous bed. Its cooling and stays cool for quite a period of time. After a year of sleeping on it, i rarely have body ache and neck pain. So far, im very happy with the product.

almost 1 year using this mattress and im lovin it. me and my wife often having back pain from old mattress but since using origin mattress we never had the same issue ever again. that's the mainly reason at the beginning for me buying this mattress. thanks OM team. may u guys have success always.

I am very satisfied with Origin Mattress after using it more than 8 months. I'm using other brand's mattress before this which is more expensive than origin mattress, however we got back pain issue after using that brand's mattress, after switched to origin mattress we have no such back pain issue and we are having superior sleep quality now. A good mattress is very important for a good sleep quality

We ordered a Queen size bed for new house. It was comfortable and I will certainly recommend this brand to my family and friends.