5 Best Metal Beds in Malaysia 2023

5 Best Metal Beds in Malaysia 2023

Finding the right bed frame is imperative. A good and solid one can last you years to come and save you the cost of purchasing a new one soon after. The right bed frame not only ensures you have a good night’s rest but also helps support your body evenly for optimal performance the next day.

Metal bed frames are one of the most durable yet lightweight bed frames in the market and they are household staples. 

So, here are some of the best must-have metal bed frames of 2023.

  1. DUMME Queen Metal Bed Frame

The DUMME  Queen Metal bed frame is a sturdy frame and simple metal bed frame with a classy design. This is a good option for those who want to spruce up their bedroom without having to struggle with space or having to give up comfort. You can also opt for the single bed frame if you prefer a smaller yet strong one. This gorgeous bed frame comes in the colors black and white, making it a versatile furniture to have in your bedroom.

Price: RM357 and is available for purchase on Shopee.

  1. KitchenZ 3V Single Bed Frame 

Perfect for the singles, anyone living in studios or smaller homes, this KitchenZ 3V single bed frame is an inexpensive bed frame that can be easily assembled on your own.  The bed frame comes with a powder-coated finishing and extra leg support to enforce its already strong construction. 

You have 2 color options which are black and white and each of these colors has the option of regular or metallic.

Price: RM135 and can be purchased at KitchenZ furniture.

  1.  ALVIZ Metal Single Bed Frame With Pull Out Bed

Pull-out bed frames can be a lifesaver if you have two people in one room. The ALVIZ metal single bed frame with pull-out bed helps to reduce the need for two beds in a small room without compromising the comfort of your sleep. This metal bed frame can be easily assembled on your own and is strong yet lightweight. The bed frame comes in the classic maroon color and is available as a single bed, single plus pull-out bed or just the pull-out bed. 

Price: RM129 to RM309 depending on your option and you can purchase on Shopee.

  1. 3V CS960F Powder Coat Metal Bed Frame – King Size

A popular brand amongst Malaysians, this 3V king-size CS960F Powder Coat Metal Bed Frame is a thoughtfully crafted frame that would fit your bedroom stylishly. With its swirls at both ends of the frame and its grilled base, this powder-coated metal bed frame gives you a strong foundational base to lie on. The metal bed frame also comes with extra legs to offer more support and sustain a heavier weight without causing any damage to the frame. 

Price: RM420 to RM799, you can purchase this fan favorite on Shopee, Lazada or PGMall.


  1. Kingston wooden post single metal bed frame

For those who would like a mixture between wood and metal purely for aesthetic reasons, this Kingston bed frame would be the one for you. This solid bed frame with metal tubing supports up to 150kg and comes with extra leg support. 

Price: RM330 and can be purchased at furniture direct

Matching mattress for your sturdy metal bed frame

Purchasing a good bed frame is the first step in completing your bedroom. The next step would be to choose the right mattress to complete the set.

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