5 Best Divan Beds In Malaysia 2023

5 Best Divan Beds In Malaysia 2023

While a divan is technically a bed frame, it is conventionally layered in soft wadding and upholstered in fabric. Although divans are also commonly known as upholstered bed frames, it has its own identity and is classified as a type of bed base rather than a bed frame. It all comes down to preference when it comes to choosing between one or the other. Your bed is basically the centrepiece of your bedroom that could either make or break the idea of your perfect sleeping quarters. Let us dive deeper and explore the differences between these two contenders. 

Bed Frame VS Divan

Now that you know the difference between bed frames and Divan bed bases, it's time to take your pick! But not before you take a look at these 5 exemplary Divan beds to further help your verdict.

MACIO HOME Emma Bed Frame

Simple and stylish in design, the Emma bed frame is upholstered in a canvas fabric which is a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers. Canvas fabric is especially durable, heavy duty and sturdy so you won’t have to worry about the fabric wearing off and coming apart. The tightly woven fabric allows for the enhancement of its natural properties through treatments.

The canvas fabric draped around the Emma bed frame has been treated to be waterproof, preventing water from seeping through and damaging the structure inside. Another benefit of the tightly woven fabric is its ability to retain color exceptionally well. The Emma Bed Frame features a headboard that is equipped with large soft cushions to provide you that extra comfort as you lean back against the bed.

Available in gorgeous neutrals, beige and grey, this bed will look stunning in any bedroom. The Emma Bed Frame comes with small bed legs for additional support and to promote breathability throughout the bed and mattress. Don’t fret about this bed taking too much space in its way since it has been devised to perfectly fit a mattress overtop it.

Prices and Sizing:

  • Queen: RM1,129.00
  • King : RM1,439.00

LAVINO Headboard + Divan ATOM

From its comfy velvety look and feel to the endless array of muted colors to complement just about any room, the Lavino Divan screams aesthetic appeal. The structure of the bed base is crafted from kiln-dried plywood which is a process where the wood is artificially dried in an oven. This process enhances the wood to be more resilient against shrinkage and cracks, overall resulting in a remarkably strong and sturdy internal structure of the furniture.

The plywood itself is heavy-duty and can withstand substantial weight all the while providing even support throughout the mattress and the sleeper so you’ll be getting your hands on an incredibly robust bed. The Lavino Divan is upholstered in a velvet fabric that gives the bed a luxurious mode.

The soft-touch and rich texture of velvet keeps the bed warm and cozy in cold air-conditioned rooms and works with a variety of décor styles, undoubtedly standing out lavishly in your bedroom. To allow for airflow through the bed and mattress, small stopper legs are incorporated into the design of the Lavino Divan. 

Prices and Sizing:

  • Queen: RM880.00
  • King : RM1,130.00

GETHA Togetha Box Divan 

Made with function in mind, the Togetha Box Divan was created with a robust internal structure constructed from meranti wood. Meranti wood is one of the most pliable woods and has exceptional nailing, gluing and screwing properties without damaging or altering the wood. While meranti wood may not be as durable as other woods, it readily accepts treatments to enhance its resilience against cracks and damages which is what makes the Togetha Box Divan so imperishable.

To further strengthen the foundation of the divan, Getha has incorporated a 10mm plywood base for the mattress within its internal structure. This divan is upholstered in cushion padding for ultimate comfort and cushioned soft edges so you don’t have to worry about stubbing a toe after turning the lights off.

The Togetha Box Divan also comes with convenient rollers at the bottom which makes moving the bed out of the way for easy cleaning a piece of cake. Speaking of easy cleaning, all you need is a vacuum cleaner to do away with those dust bunnies that pile up on the divan. While the king-size Togetha Box Divan comes in either 2 pieces or one entire piece, the rest of the sizes turn up as a one-piece bed base.

The only downside of the Togetha Box Divan is that it doesn’t come with a headboard so the deal breaker is that you will have to purchase the Getha Moonlight Headboard separately.

Prices and Sizing:

  • Single: RM959.20 
  • Super Single: RM1,039.20
  • Queen: RM1,359.20
  • King: RM1,679.20

KERRY Mix & Match Divan Bed Frame

The Kerry Bed is customizable to your preference, from the type of material that upholsters the divan to the option of having a pullout drawer installed in the base. With the Kerry Bed, you can opt for fabric or polyurethane (PU) upholstery that comes in a range of colors. You can also choose between a 3D or a leather texture of the PU material to fit with your bedroom’s aesthetics.

The Kerry Bed features a standard wood interior that is strong enough to withstand the weight of even the heaviest of mattresses. Another aspect of the Kerry Bed that can be customized is the option to select a drawer, simply opt for the ‘no drawer’ option if you have no need for extra storage space. The bottom of the bed comprises 2-inch plastic legs that elevate the bed slightly for breathability purposes.

Unlike the Getha Togetha Box Divan, the Kerry Bed does come with a 42 inch tall cushioned headboard that incorporates soft edges to protect your bedroom wall from damage. Have fun mixing and matching the Kerry Bed to your liking!

Prices and Sizing:

  • Single: RM792.00 
  • Super Single: RM837.00
  • Queen: RM855.00
  • King: RM1,053.00

Goodnite CS8800 Bed Frame

If you are in search of a Divan that will undoubtedly stand out as the centerpiece of your bedroom then the Goodnite CS8800 Bed Frame is exactly what you need! This divan looks like it was designed for royalty and can easily turn any drab bedroom into a fabulous dreamland. As impressive as the range of material colors the Kerry Bed features, the Goodnite CS8800 Bed Frame triumphs.

From chic fabric color selections to sophisticated polyurethane (PU) color and texture options, you will have a blast picking from a wide range of colors to match your bedroom style scheme. Despite the steep price tag it dons, the quality of this divan definitely makes up for it. The Goodnite CS8800 Bed Frame consists of a flat wooden Divan Base with round PVC legs to enhance the breathability of the massive Divan. Its wooden base is further braced with a solid wood-tufted streamlined headboard.

The entirety of the bed is upholstered in cushy yet firm padding and in the material of your choice. The embellishments on the divan add to the elegance of the Goodnite CS8800 Bed Frame. The mattress plops onto the center and merges with the Divan seamlessly so if you want to sleep like a royal then snag yourself one of these Goodnite CS8800 Bed Frames. 

Prices and Sizing:

  • Queen: RM8,374.00
  • King: RM9,818.00

Great! Now that you know which divans in Malaysia are the best of the best, we bid you good luck in selecting the right one for your bedroom. But wait! You don't have a mattress to go with your new divan, so let the sleep experts help you with that. 

The Perfect Mattress For Every Bed 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress has been recognized as a flawless mattress that will not only look amazing but will enhance the qualities of the bed beneath it.  This hybrid mattress is an entire mattress type on its own, donning the benefits of a latex, foam and coil mattress in sync. The Origin Hybrid Mattress is also temperature regulating so you won’t break a sweat on scorching nights.

Sink into a cushiony cloud that conforms to the contours of your body, firmly supporting you as you serenely drift into snooze land. Its Plush Tencel™ Pillow Top enhances the coziness of the mattress. The Zero Motion Isolation Technology used in the manufacturing of the Origin Hybrid Mattress grants you undisturbed slumber. This remarkable mattress is available in a range of sizes, further corroborating it to be the perfect mattress for just about any bed, be it a bed frame or a divan. 

Prices and Sizing:

  • Single: RM1,225.00
  • Super Single: RM1,531.00
  • Queen: RM1,839.00
  • King: RM2,487.00

With the right bed and mattress as the centerpiece, you can turn any old boring bedroom into a work of art. Click here to find out more on Origin products and special deals!

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