IKEA Bedframe Review 2023 | Ultimate Guide

IKEA Bedframe Review 2023 | Ultimate Guide

Finding the perfect bedframe might be a harder task than one might expect. There are many factors and characteristics to consider before choosing the ultimate option and without a proper guide, you may never know what exactly might be the best for you.

Here we will examine three Ikea bedframes that are deemed popular and one of them might just be the one you’d take home with you.



This barn-style bedframe is of minimalist design and light even with its impressive solid wood build. This frame is sturdy and has adjustable bed sides which allow you to use any mattresses of different weights and thicknesses. 

It has 17 layer-glued slats that adjust to your weight and increase the suppleness of the mattress. There is also plenty of storage space under the bed, making it easier for you to store your other items.

Measurement (Queen): 

Available sizes: 

Queen & King with a width of 158cm and 187cm respectively.


Queen – RM1900

King – RM2000


The Brimnes is a unique and practical model for those who like to have storage compartments close by. With ample storage space that disguises itself as part of the bed, it is highly convenient to store away bedsheets, linens, blankets, and even pillows. 

The storage space integrated into the headboard that looks delightfully like shelves can serve as a place to put away your phones or sleeping accessories and even lamps or chargers as you can hide their cables by feeding them through the holes on the top of the headboard.

Measurement (Queen):

Available sizes:

Queen and King with a width of 156cm 186cm respectively.


Queen – RM1649

King - RM2,050


This bed frame has a timeless look that will add a lovely vintage aesthetic to your room. Hauga’s frame cover is made from Lofallet polyester fabric, a durable material that is also soft to the touch. 

Unlike the other 2 mentioned above, this headboard has soft upholstery that is comfortable for you to lean on even without the presence of pillows. There is also plenty of space for you to store away your things underneath the bed. 


Available sizes:

Queen and King with a width of 159cm and 189cm respectively.


Queen – RM950

King – RM1050

If you have successfully made up your mind about which bed frame fulfills your needs and requirements, let’s move on to the best mattress for you.

And what does a great bed frame need if it isn’t an even greater mattress?

Introducing Origin Hybrid mattress!


Origin Hybrid mattress is curated by Origin Sleep, an innovative company that hails all the way from Germany. Its hybrid mattress has many impeccable features that are guaranteed to wow you beyond expectations.  

The Origin mattress is designed amazingly with Malaysians in mind. Not only does it provide optimal spinal alignment and great comfort, but it is also created with a unique cooling technology that is in favor of Malaysia's unpredictable climate. Get a bed that has cooling properties and features to go with your chosen bed frame so you achieve a wondrous, sweat-free sleeping experience!

Why Origin Mattress?

Origin mattress offers 6 layers of unparalleled comfort that is so luxurious, you forget you’re sleeping in your own home. You will get access to the highest quality materials: memory foam, pocket springs, and latex - all combined into one perfect mattress.

The cooling characteristics of its gel-infused memory foam are impeccable, as it takes away the body heat and gives you a cooling sensation. You can now enjoy a seamless sleep without having to worry about night sweats! 


What better way to use your new bed frame than to have an impeccable mattress to complete your new sleeping set?

Now head down and get the bed frame of your choice before purchasing your first-ever Origin Hybrid mattress!

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