5 Best Triple-Decker Beds In Malaysia 2023

5 Best Triple-Decker Beds In Malaysia 2023

Do you want to take it up a notch and save even more space in your confined bedroom or small studio apartment? Then, it's time you got yourself a triple-decker bed to accommodate a room full of children or adults. We have no idea who set the rules that bunk beds are only made for young ones and college dormitories but the sleep experts are here to show you the wonders of a triple-decker bed.

While double-decker beds are readily found all across the net and in stores, searching for a triple-decker or triple-decker bed in Malaysia is like finding a needle in a haystack, let alone a good one. Being the sandman’s little helpers, we virtually traveled across the internet to pick and select the best triple-decker beds that will be delivered right to your doorstep. Hold your horses, before we take a look at the exceptional selection we handpicked, come with us to explore the many wonders of a triple-decker bed.

The Benefits Of A Triple-Decker Bed

The main advantage of switching to a triple-decker bed is the ample space you’ll have lying around by combining 3 pieces of furniture into a towering one. A triple-decker bed creates room to not only accommodate multiple family members, guests and other necessary furniture but also more space for your little ones to play in or simply declutter. 

Now not all bunk beds fall in the affordable price range but they don a far less extravagant price tag and considering the fact that you’ll be getting 3 separate pieces of furniture for the price of one, you’re undoubtedly getting a bang for your buck. 

Another advantage of sharing a bunk bed is having the entire bed to yourself and despite having sleep neighbors, a triple-decker bed provides just as much, perhaps even more privacy than separate single beds. Let’s not dilly-dally and jump right into the 5 best triple-decker beds you can get a hold of in Malaysia.

Maline CARA Bunk Bed (Triple Single Decker)

To be absolutely precise, the Maline CARA Bunk Bed is actually a double-decker bed frame with a hidden pullout bed that serves as the third decker. This bed is made up of E1 Grade Board material which is a high-quality moisture-resistant melamine board. The material replicates the feel and look of solid wood panels but is enhanced in terms of durability, strength, and resistance against stains, water, and scratches. The Maline CARA Bunk Bed has been constructed with safety in mind so you can expect its heavy-duty railing and the entire structure of the bed to be sturdy enough to withstand multiple people at once. To reassure you even further, this triple-decker bed is also quality approved with Japanese export standards and as we all know, Japan is mainly known for its meticulous quality control. Designed in cozy shades of brown, the Maline CARA Bunk Bed will look amazing in any room, be it for kids or adults.

Price: RM3,008.00

IKEA VIVTAL Bunk Bed Frame With Underbed

This bunk bed by IKEA features soft shapes and fabric guardrails to keep you safe even as you bump into the edges of the bed. You don’t have to pick at your brain to assemble the IKEA VIVTAL Bunk Bed Frame as it was created to be an easy-to-assemble bed frame with divided sections and elastic edge bands that quickly pulls the bed together in a jiffy. Although built to appear as a double-decker bed, it comes with an empty slidable slot at the bottom that perfectly fits a single-sized mattress. 

But what is to happen if the bed is just left unoccupied in a corner, completely defeating the purpose of a space-saving triple-decker bed? Well, if you find yourself in that dilemma, simply transform it into a sofa by removing the top-tier of the bed and leaving the side panel attached to be the backrest. Voila! You now have a 4-in-1 furniture that can be used according to your preferred choice. 

Price: RM1,599

KITCHENZ FURNITURE 6.3 FT Triple Decker Bed Frame


This triple-decker bed frame is the only bed frame of the bunch that is divided into three tiers so if you’re in search of the literal definition of a towering triple-decker bed then look no further, the KITCHENZ FURNITURE Triple Decker Bed Frame is what you’ve been envisioning. Standing at a whopping 6 feet and 3 inches, you best bet that this bed frame was designed to stand tall and sturdy regardless of what is being thrown in its way. 

The frame itself is made from strong epoxy material that has been powder coated to enhance its durability and prevent it from rusting. Manufactured to support the weight of 3 adults, you can sleep soundly knowing that you and your neighboring sleep buddies are safe from plummeting onto the ground mid-sleep. 

Price: RM359

TEKKASHOP Natural Wooden Single Double Decker Bed Frame with Pullout Bed

Just like the first two beds, the TEKKASHOP bed frame is a double-decker that extends a pullout bed slot at the bottom. The bed frame is constructed with full solid rubberwood that is known to be considerably durable and with good care, you can keep the TEKKASHOP bed frame for up to 20 years. 

Besides its strength, rubberwood is also very low maintenance because of its resilience to damage. Since the entire bed is made from rubberwood, you can climb up and down the ladder like a jungle gym without worrying about the bed frame falling apart. 

Price: RM3,163

MAJU HOME Concept NEWTON 3-Tier Bunk Bed 

The MAJU HOME Concept NEWTON 3-Tier Bunk Bed is exclusively built to fit a super single mattress on the top tier, a queen-sized mattress on the middle tier, and a single mattress on the pullout bottom tier. Similar to that of the Maline CARA Bunk Bed, this three-decker bed is also made of melamine board. 

Along with a beautifully-designed bed frame, you will also be getting a bed that is water-proof, scratch-proof, resilient, durable, and safe. Whether you’re planning to get the MAJU HOME Concept NEWTON 3-Tier Bunk Bed for your children’s room, or a small apartment or to be admired as an ideal host to your guests, it will definitely be an impressive addition to your home for its functionality and eye-pleasing design.

Price: RM3,199

Now if you’re afraid of heights and don’t intend to put your trust in a sky-high bed frame, then we have got the perfect accessories to turn that dull bed of yours into the object of all your desires. Need a better mattress? Perhaps even a topper and some pillows to go with it. Well then, Origin has the perfect collection of accessories to transform your bed from drab to fab! 

Sleep Soundly With The Origin Trio 

As important as it is to have a sturdy reliable bed frame, it's what's on the bed that counts. Because you’re not sleeping in direct contact with the bed, the mattress and bedding accessories you pick should be a step above. Origin has exactly what you’re looking for:

Origin Hybrid Mattress - Experience a slumber like no other with the Origin Hybrid Mattress which features the benefits of a foam, coil, and latex mattress altogether in one temperature-regulating mattress. Created to be of the ideal firmness, your sensitive joints will be safeguarded from pain and aches as you catch up on some sleep. 


  • Single - RM 1,225.00
  • Super Single - RM 1,531.00
  • Queen - RM 1,839.00
  • King - RM 2,487.00

Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow - Ever wondered what laying your head on a frosty cloud feels like? You don’t have to wonder anymore as you can experience the sensation with the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow. This pillow ideally adjusts to the contours of your head and upper back all the while remaining brand-new after every use thanks to its impression-resistant property.

Price: RM 400

Origin Contour® Ergonomic Memory Foam Mattress Topper - Want an extra layer of plush comfort and extra pressure relief? The Origin Contour® Ergonomic Memory Foam Mattress Topper was specifically designed to enhance a crusty old mattress to the best it can be and for those who wish to be swaddled in the finest bedding materials. 


  • Single - RM488
  • Super Single - RM 550
  • Queen - RM 611.00
  • King - RM 764.00




With all this fundamental information, we’re sure you have it in the bag to turn your bedroom into the land of dreams.

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