5 Best Solid Wood Bed Frames in Malaysia 2023

5 Best Solid Wood Bed Frames in Malaysia 2023

Solid wood bed frames are generally more high-priced because of its exceptional material. Not only are they more durable and sturdy, but they work like a charm if you’re looking to revamp the flair in your bedroom. 

Now, solid wood bed frames are not to be confused with engineered or manmade wood bed frames as they may hold forth identical amenities, however, they are on different levels when it comes to quality. Because of its tough resilience, solid wood bed frames are also easy to maintain since it doesn’t damage that easily. 

They require occasional dusting now and then to retain their pristine essence. So, if you would rather just splurge a little bit on a reliable bed frame that will live up in the long haul, then stick around and get a fix on these worthy solid wood bed frame options in Malaysia. 

Sonno Signature Bed Frame 

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Made in Malaysia, the Sonno Signature Bed Frame is as extraordinary in its tenacity as its conceptualization to complement any bedroom. Famous for its enhanced durability and low-maintenance characteristics, natural rubberwood furniture has been known to last up to 20 years and more. 

Natural wood also stains easily and the Sonno Signature Bed Frame is stained in 100% oak finish that seals the pores in the wood, ultimately serving as a layer of protection and further strengthening its water-resistant ability. Aside from its well-constructed build, the Sonno Signature Bed Frame is also made to be easy to put together without the need for tools and an extensively complicated instruction manual. 

This solid wood bed frame comes with a handy built-in slot for you to conveniently store your phone, reading glasses and other sleep-time accessories within your reach. 

Prices and Sizing:

  • Single/Super Single [205 CM (L) x 107 CM (W)] - RM2,399.00
  • Queen [205 CM (L) x 162 CM (W)] - RM2,999.00
  • King [205 CM (L) x 192 CM (W)] - RM3,499.00

Kane Solid Wood Bed Frame with Charging Port

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This multifunctional bed frame also doubles as a storage compartment to store all of your goods accommodatingly. Constructed with solid oak wood, the Kane Solid Wood Bed Frame is naturally resistant to water damage and the infestation of wood-destroying insects. Even in damp weather, you can expect this bedframe to brace remarkably against wear and tear. Another key feature of solid oak wood furniture is the beautiful wood grain look it consistently flaunts. 

The Kane Solid Wood Bed Frame presents an array of features that make it an excellent choice such as built-in light that controls 3 different modes, a headboard storage unit with a USB charging port and rounded edges for amplified safety. The entire bed, from its slats to the legs is fabricated from solid wood which results in its tried-and-true support. The Kane Solid Wood Bed Frame comes in 2 selection options, that is a unit with hydraulic storage to free up some space in your room or in its regular form. 

Prices and Sizing:

With Hydraulic Storage:- 

  • California Queen [200 CM (L) x 150 CM (W)] - RM4,620.00
  • California King [205 CM (L) x 180 CM (W)] - RM4,820.00

Without Hydraulic Storage:- 

  • California Queen [200 CM (L) x 150 CM (W)] - RM3,120.00
  • California King [205 CM (L) x 180 CM (W)] - RM3,320.00

ARTURO Hera Solid Wood Bed Frame 

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The Hera Solid Wood Bed Frame is created for sleeping at a lower height. The height at which your bed extends from the floor makes no difference in sleep quality but it has become a popular preference among many because of its Japanese sleep system influence. 

The Hera Solid Wood Bed Frame also incorporates ancient Chinese art in its design with its elevated legs that allow positive Feng Shui energy to flow through the space underneath the bed so you can get a better night’s sleep. Manufactured in Malaysia, this solid wood bed frame is crafted from 100% local oak wood and as you may already know, oak wood is especially resilient against water and pesky bugs. 

Even though the Hera Solid Wood Bed Frame displays medium-density fibreboard slats, a greater part of the furniture is made up of solid wood and considering its price, you’ll be getting a bang for your buck on this commendable option. 

Prices and Sizing:

  • Queen [221 CM (L) x 166.6 CM (W)] - RM 1,390.00
  • King [221 CM (L) x 206.6 CM (W)] - RM 1,490.00


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Definitely the priciest pick of the bunch, the Luca Bed is undoubtedly worthy of the price tag it dons. This bed frame is unequaled because of its solid teak wood material that is second to none in durability. 

Teak wood furniture has been known to outlast generations and requires little to no maintenance. The high rubber and oil content in the wood makes it naturally immune to rot so it goes without saying that the Luca bed is not only water-resistant but notably impervious to damage. The solid wood bed frame is reinforced with a walnut wood stain that acts as an added barrier that protects and preserves the quality of the wood. 

The Luca Bed is particularly distinctive for its sprung slats that are made from flexible beech wood that emphasizes the bouncy reaction of the mattress you choose to top this bed frame.

Prices and Sizing:

  • Queen [208 CM (L) x 170 CM (W)] - RM6,415.00
  • King [208 CM (L) x 200 CM (W)] - RM6,633.00
  • Super King [218 CM (L) x 218 CM (W)] - RM7,068.00


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Now if you’re looking for a solid wood bed frame that would do the trick but won’t have you paying over the odds, then the IKEA TARVA Bed Frame is the perfect choice for you. The IKEA TARVA Bed Frame is a classic example of Scandinavian furniture designs, simplistic and natural. 

This bed frame was crafted with purely untreated solid pine wood and with each piece flaunting a unique wood print, you will be getting a bed frame that is individualistic to your bedroom. Besides its considerable durability and resilience, pine wood furniture is moreover resistant to shrinking and/or swelling over time. 

The bed slats on the IKEA TARVA Bed Frame comprise 17 layer-glued wood veneer slats that bracingly support your body weight so you don’t have to fret over its nimble-looking appearance. 

Prices and Sizing:

  • 200 CM (L) x 150 CM (W) - RM 600.00
  • 200 CM (L) x 180 CM (W) - RM 660.00

Well, now that we have covered what solid wood bed frame you should set your sights on, how about a mattress to go with that brand-new bed you have in mind? You will need a mattress that is on par with any one of these splendid solid wood bed frames and we have got just the one!

A Match Made in Heaven

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The Origin brand has taken Malaysia by storm and has been ranked as the #1 brand on Trusted Malaysia. Beyond their astonishing bedding accessories, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is a fitting option for a solid wood bed frame. It presents the benefits of a foam, coil and latex mattress altogether in one. Its CloudCool™ Memory Foam layer regulates your body temperature by keeping you cool on those sweltering nights that make you sweat from every pore. 

This medium-firm mattress is as plush as it is supportive at alleviating your pains and aches. The Plush Tencel™ Pillow Top swaddles you in deluxe comfort and its Zero Motion Isolation Technology bestows you a night of undisturbed slumber. The Origin Hybrid Mattress comes in a wide array of sizes that would easily plop over any bed frame. 

Prices and Sizing:

  • Single [190 CM (L) x 91 CM (W)] - RM 1,225.00
  • Super Single [190 CM (L) x 107 CM (W)] - RM 1,531.00
  • Queen [190 CM (L) x 152 CM (W)] - RM 1,839.00
  • King [190 CM (L) x 183 CM (W)] - RM 2,487.00

Hooray! You now know where to get your hands on a solid wood bed frame that is worth every penny and an excellent mattress to complement your pick so don’t dilly dally and get to shopping!

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