Akemi Fitted Sheets Review 2023: Best Bed Sheet Guide

Akemi Fitted Sheets Review 2023: Best Bed Sheet Guide

It has been preached that a good mattress is what you need for a good night’s sleep and as true as that may be, the bedding that goes on your mattress is actually just as important. Pillows are a given but did you know that bedsheets are essential in providing temperature regulation, comfort, and an ideal sleep environment? This is exactly why you need to invest in an exemplary bedsheet.

A brand that has been recognized for its incredible bedding products and the topic of discussion in this review is none other than Akemi. So, let us dive deeper and check out some of their bedsheets to understand which features and specifications best suit your sleeping needs. 

Akemi Cotton Fitted Sheet Collection

With an endless array of collections in Akemi’s cotton fitted sheets line and each of them created with different specifications, there is bound to be the perfect bedsheet for your sleeping quarters. And don't you worry about the color range as you will be able to pick from a rainbow of shades, be it solid tones or intricate patterns. We have curated a table of the varying types of sheets in their line to simplify each feature for you to take your pick. 

Collection  Features & Specifications  Prices & Sizing
AKEMI Cotton Essentials Color Home Fitted Sheet Set 350TC This fitted sheet is made up of 100% natural cotton with a thread count of 350. It is perfect for those who prefer a crisp bedding texture. Because of its cotton material, you can expect this fitted sheet to be breathable and durable. The Color Home Fitted Sheet comes with a 25cm pocket height, making it a standard bed sheet that is rather made for slim mattresses. King: RM 84.80
AKEMI Cotton Essentials Colour Home Devine 650TC Fitted Sheet Set The Home Devine Fitted Sheet presents the same qualities as the other collections but is designed to be easy to care for and durable by increasing the number of threads to 650. Its significantly high thread count also makes this fitted sheet softer and allows it to wear well onto the mattress over time. Unfortunately, it is not allergy-friendly since it has not been treated but that alternatively means this fitted sheet is safe for babies. Its 25cm pocket height is suited for a standard-sized mattress, so if you prefer sleeping without a mattress topper, you should snag one for your bedroom. Super Single: RM75.90
Queen: RM96
King: RM109
AKEMI Gratitude 860TC Fitted Sheet Set Advancing a whopping 43cm deep pocket, the Gratitude Fitted Sheet is perfect for thick mattresses that come with toppers. Donning all the specifications of the Colour Array collection, you can rest assured that you will be getting your hands on an outstanding bed sheet. The varying factor that differentiates this bed sheet from the others is its 860 thread count. The downside of this fitted sheet is that it only comes in one color option and size.  Super Single: RM119

Akemi Tencel Fitted Sheet Collections

Tencel Lyocell fabric is created from the wood fibers of eucalyptus trees and processed in an eco-friendly way. Bed sheets made up of Tencel have ample benefits which explain why these types of sheets are such a popular and in-demand option. Although Tencel bed sheets are generally higher in cost, the qualities it features are worth the steep price. These bed sheets are silky smooth and have a sheen finish that will make any bed look absolutely lavish. Let’s take a closer look at their varying features. 

Collection  Features & Specifications  Prices & Sizing
AKEMI Tencel Touch Clarity Fitted Sheet Set 850TC  Akemi’s Tencel Touch Collection consists of a blend of Tencel Lyocell fibers and high-performing synthetic fibers to enhance its durability. Not only are these fitted sheets soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking, but they also minimize static charge. The static charge could cause sleep disruption, stress and anxiety so if you tend to face these issues, sleeping on With a 43cm deep pocket height, you can easily fit these bed sheets over thick mattresses.  Super Single: RM 131.70
Queen: RM 176.70
King: RM 197.70
AKEMI Tencel Modal Ardent Fitted Sheet Set 880TC The Ardent collection features long-lasting softness and enhanced breathability all the while reducing static charge and is completely wrinkle-free as well. Similar to the Tencel Touch collections, it too dons a 43cm deep pocket height to accommodate thicker mattresses.     Super Single: RM221.70
Queen: RM257.70
King: RM275.70

Akemi MicroXT Fitted Sheet Collections 

MicroXT fabric is a synthetic man-made material using microfiber technology and as you may already know, microfiber is known to be exceptionally soft and cheaper. Akemi MicroXT fitted sheets use ultrafine microfibers in their MicroXT fabric which results in an ultra soft quick-drying, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating bed sheet. Similar to that of cotton, the thread count does contribute to the softness and durability of the bed sheet. Let's take a look at the handful of collections in Akemi’s MicroXT fabric range.

Collection  Features & Specifications  Prices & Sizing
VDC Colour Vida Fitted Sheet Set 450TC/620TC Akemi carries the VDC brand Colour Vida Fitted Sheets that come in two different thread count options so you can take your pick between varying softness. These fitted sheets combine the softness of silk, breathability of cotton and durability of polyester into one outstanding bed sheet. Featuring a 38 cm deep pocket height, these collections are made to swathe thick mattresses and toppers. The good news is that these fitted sheets are made available in a myriad of colors but alas, they only come in one size.  King: RM 58.30

Phew! We have come to the end of reviewing all of Akemi’s incredible list of fitted sheets and with all this information at your disposal, we hope that your bedding shopping spree will be fun and easy! 

But before you take off, do you know what would enhance the bed sheet of your choice? The Origin Hybrid Mattress!

A Myriad of Wonders 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress was created with the ideal firmness preference in mind. This medium-firm mattress exhibits even more functions than those already mentioned, such as a Plush Tencel™ Pillow Top for deluxe comfort, Zero Motion Isolation Technology for a night of undisturbed slumber and enhanced long-lasting durability that comes through with flying colors. So if you want to know what sleeping on a frosty cloud feels like, look no further because this is the mattress for you!

Who would have thought that one mattress could be the solution to all of your sleep problems? The Origin Hybrid Mattress presents the benefits of a foam, coil and latex mattress. This exceptional mattress comes with a 100% Natural Latex layer, a pocketed-spring layer and a CloudCool™ Memory Foam. 

Prices and Sizing:

  • Single – RM1,225
  • Super Single – RM1,531
  • Queen – RM1,839
  • King – RM2,487

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