5 Best Bedsheets for You

5 Best Bedsheets for You

Having a good night’s rest is essential for everyone, no matter how hard it seems to achieve it. A busy lifestyle might contribute to less than 8 hours of sleep and a badly strewn and designed bedsheet could make it even worse.

Having quality rest in a day is crucial for good mental and physical health. Much research has proven the correlation between good sleep and good well-being.

With that being said, one of the best aides to a wonderful interruption-free sleep, other than a good bed, of course, is a pretty wonderful bedsheet.

In this article, we will explore 5 of the best bedsheets for every occasion and requirement:

Sonno Eucalyptus Bedsheet


The Sonno Eucalyptus bedsheet is an ultra-breathable, cooling sheet that will guarantee a comfortable, luxurious sleep throughout the night. Made from 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers, which are one of the world’s softest textiles, this bedsheet is smooth to the touch, eco-friendly and durable. Priced at RM349 (Queen), it offers free delivery, a 30-night trial, and a 1-year warranty. Other features include:

  • 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres
  • Ultra-breathable 
  • Cooling
  • Softer with every wash
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Oeko-Tex® certified

Kapas Living Fitted Bed Sheet Set


If you fancy premium quality at affordable prices, Kapas is definitely for you. This bedsheet is made of 100% natural cotton fibers. It is highly absorbent and breathable and it is long-lasting, perfect for families. Another interesting factor is that Kapas sheets are available in sizes Single, Single Plus, Super Single, Queen, Queen Plus, King, King Plus and Super King. The price for Queen is RM259 and other special features include:

  • 400 thread count and 100% extra-long staple cotton material
  • Made of silky sateen
  • Cooling
  • Oeko-Tex® certified
  • 400 extra-long fiber thread count
  • Highly absorbent
  • Breathable

Getha Tencel Nano Silver Fabric Bedsheet


Getha is a famous local brand that never fails to launch great products for better sleep and this bedsheet is not to be missed.

Made from Tencel Nano Silver, it efficiently absorbs moisture to assist in the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism, and keeps the skin cool and dry through the night. It is also breathable and soft to the touch as well as tension-free with no electrostatic charge.

It is also notably suitable for families with infants as its bacteria-free surface reassures a healthy sleep environment. Although heftily priced at RM413 for size Queen, there are other considerably beneficial factors that include:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cooling
  • Protection against harmful bacteria, viruses & fungi
  • Embedded Nano Silver sterilizes the surface by continuously killing germs
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Available for baby mattress

AKEMI Affinity Series Fitted Sheet Set


The AKEMI fitted sheet boasts of natural cotton that is intricately sateen weaved, resulting in a much softer touch compared to the standard cotton. This bedsheet also has effective moisture control that can effectively contribute to a more hygienic sleep. The most affordable among the bunch, its Queen is priced at RM210. Other features include:

  • 100% natural cotton sateen
  • 880 thread count
  • 43cm deep pocket

Jean Perry Garni 5-IN-1 Silky Soft Ecosilk


This particular bedsheet is the most luxurious choice to make its way onto the list. The Jean Perry Garni sheet is made from 100% natural plant fiber. It has a high absorbency and will stay cool even if you tend to sweat during sleep. It is also suitable for those who tend to have allergies as it has anti-dust properties to help keep the pesky allergies at bay.

Not only does it give you a magnanimously luxurious feeling of being at a world-class hotel as you lie on top of your Jean Perry bedsheet-covered bed, it also provides other health benefits to assure a restless-free night. Priced at a whopping RM699.50, other special features are as follow:

  • Made with EcoSilk: A strategic blend of hydrophilic cellulose fibers
  • 950 thread count
  • Cooling
  • Comes with quilt cover



But what does a splendid bedsheet need?

An even better bed!

Introducing Origin Hybrid mattress by Origin Sleep, an innovative company that hails from Germany. Its hybrid mattress has many impeccable features that are guaranteed to wow you beyond expectations.  


The Origin mattress is designed with Malaysians in mind. Not only does it provide optimal spinal alignment and great comfort, but it is also created with a unique cooling technology that is in favor of Malaysia's unpredictable climate. Get a bed that has similar properties to go with your cooling bedsheet to achieve a wondrous, sweat-free sleeping experience!

Why Origin Mattress?

Origin mattress offers 6 layers of unparalleled comfort that is so luxurious, you forget you’re sleeping in your own home. You will get access to the highest quality materials: memory foam, pocket springs, and latex - all combined into one perfect mattress.

The cooling characteristics of its gel-infused memory foam are impeccable, as it takes away the body heat and gives you a cooling sensation. You can now enjoy a seamless sleep without having to worry about night sweats!


What better way to use your new bedsheets than to spread them over your new mattress?

So head down and get the bedsheet of your choice before purchasing your first ever Origin Hybrid mattress and click here for more amazing details, special features, pricing and why it is the best mattress in the market.

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