Patchwork Bedsheet Review 2023 l Ultimate Guide

Patchwork Bedsheet Review 2023 l Ultimate Guide

Do you prefer a more colorful bed sheet as opposed to the regular plain linen sheets? Constantly on the internet to see what type of sheet would compliment the style of your room? Here is an option that perhaps has not crossed your mind yet.


Most people would envision a sheet that looks like it came out of the 50s or 60s but the modern-day patchwork bed sheets are intricately created to bring out the best of your bedroom features.

However, choosing the right patchwork quilt sheet requires careful consideration as there are plenty of options out there. 

Here are some of the best patchwork bedsheets from Cadar Patchwork that are sure to spice up your bedroom decor.

  1. Cartoon

Perfect for parents who are looking for a cute set for their children’s bedroom, this cartoon set comes with a variety of cartoon characters available such as Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, Minnie Mouse and more. This 6 in 1 set comes only in the size of Queen and consists of 4 pillow cases,  1 bolster case and 1 bedsheet. The stippling patchwork design on the sheet gives a nice touch to it and the cotton material keeps you cool and comfortable even on warm days.

The price of this set goes for RM120.

  1. Geometric

This design is a good choice for individuals who prefer a more symmetrical look in their bedroom. The geometric design bed sheets come in a variety of colors and shapes, can vary from bright to dark sheets and even be a mix of various colored fabrics.

This design is available in sets of 3 in 1, 6 in 1 and 7 in 1 with prices ranging from RM67, RM110 and RM200 respectively. 

Good news for those who wish to purchase the 6-in-1 set as there is a limited-time sale going on where the set goes for as low as RM97

  1. Ruffles

Ruffles! Ah, don’t we all love a little ruffle in our lives? This beauty would give your bedroom a touch of regalness with its lace edges and folds. A good gift for newlyweds or folks who like to make their bedroom look like a royal’s bedroom, this set also comes as a 3-in-1 set in the sizes of Queen, King and Super King. You can choose between pure cotton or a mix of cotton and silk for that lustrous touch. You are also spoiled with the colors and design choices available.

The price of the ruffle bed set ranges from RM55 to RM190.

  1. Embossed

Pet lovers rejoice! This is your must-have in your collection of bedsheets. The embossed design of this patchwork bed sheet helps to avoid any stitching pull caused by your pet’s nails. The embossed design also prevents any unwanted fur collection and is a suitable choice for those with allergies. This bed set comes only in a Queen sized 6 in 1 set with 11 colors to choose from. 

The price of these sets goes for RM125. 

  1. Floral 

And last but not least, the most versatile design when it comes to bedsheets. An all-time favorite of mothers and anybody who enjoys a good eye-catching design that can be simple or intricate. These patchwork floral bed sheets are cool to the touch and soft as a feather. With a good 1,000 thread count, you can be assured of the quality of this bed sheet set over many washes. This design comes in Queen size as 3 in-1 sets, 6 in 1 and 7 in 1 stage.

The price of this bed sheet design ranges from RM67 to RM200.


One thing that is good about Cadar Patchwork bed sheets is that all except their embossed bed sheets are stitched with a method called stippling which helps to retain the integrity and quality of the fabric used. It is also made out of pure cotton that has anti-odour and anti-wrinkle features to keep your sheets smelling nice and fresh all day. 

Now that you have a good idea of what type of patchwork bed sheet you’d like, why not include a good mattress to go with it? The Origin Hybrid Mattress has CloudCool Memory Foam plus natural latex and pocket springs technology that gives the mattress a firm yet good support.

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Understanding that it takes time to get used to a mattress, Origin Hybrid Mattress comes with a 120-night trial to ensure you are happy with your pick. It also includes a 15-year warranty because that’s just how confident Origin is in providing its users with good mattresses.

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