Origin Mattress | Beware of Suspicious Bad Reviews

Origin Mattress | Beware of Suspicious Bad Reviews

A reflection on our Mission & Progress

Origin is committed to making the best mattresses, and having the best service. Why? Well because that's the only thing that makes sense.

Luckily, we've been doing pretty well so far in the product department. The product feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, maybe as we are the only affordable and high-quality hybrid mattress in Malaysia, compared to most competitors which opt to make their mattresses of cheap foam.

And on the service department? 98.9% of our deliveries have been on time from August-December 2021, which our team is really happy about. And we're going to work hard to maintain and even improve this figure in the coming months.

This is a vast improvement compared to the Hari Raya period in 2021, where demand suddenly spiked and, combined with the Malaysian MCO, we only managed to deliver 86.4% of deliveries on time (a one-time low).

But since then, the new measures we've put in place have been working even better than expected, and almost every single customer is receiving their origin Mattress exactly when they expected (in fact, almost 40% of our orders tend to be delivered early now).

So 2021 has been a good year overall, but we do need to warn customers of something suspicious we've noticed in these last couple of months

Suspicious Bad Reviews

In these last months, although operations have been running smoothly and we have been tending to every customer personally, a sudden wave of unexplicable bad reviews have been surfacing online.

We tried to reach out to these customers, asking for their order number so we could rectify the situation as we always do, but almost every single "bad review" poster did not get back to us with an order number, and continued to vigorously share their story.

We think this is extremely suspicious because in our experience, customers with bad reviews are always happy to share their order number, because they WANT something in return. Unhappy customers always want the company to rectify the situation (because that's how a bad experience can turn good - we've all been there!). But these recent posters in various channels have not shown willingness to talk, or share their order numbers.

We think they might have mistaken us for some other company, or that possibly other mattress companies are intentionally trying to give us a bad reputation (which we really hope isn't the case - but we sadly admit it's a possibility!)

So we would like to ask customers and potential customers to be discerning of what you read online, and not let your opinions be swayed by a few bad reviews. Because a lot of the so called "bad reviews" lately have been fishy.

With 0 effort on some of these "customer's" part to get a refund or cashback (which we pretty much always give anyways - as per our policy) - which is not normal. Because all customers with unpleasant experiences always ask for a refund! But these new bad review posters are not.

Well on that note, we hope you don't take good or bad reviews at face value and instead just try our mattress yourselves!

You will probably love it ;)

Worst case - you can return it within 120 days for a full refund! And don't worry, the return mattresses aren't re-sold (it's impossible for us to repack a mattress into a vacuum-packed box). Instead, we donate them to charity.

Hope to see you soon, happy shopping and have a good year ahead!

Pro tip to see if a review is real: Ask for the "poster" to actually show proof that they purchased the mattress! Or better yet, just try our 120 day free trial.

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