Origin Mattress - Bad Review & Good Review Collation

Origin Mattress - Bad Review & Good Review Collation

Origin’s motto is to create the best sleep products and deliver better, healthier sleep to customers. We are always looking to receive customer feedback and reviews, both good and bad. This helps us to continually improve our products for you.

Origin also aims to always stay true to our brand values. Here is an overview of our beliefs:

Transparency & Authenticity

Authenticity is imperative to Origin's branding success. We believe people have rights to question where Origin products come from and how they’re made. We began with a commitment to transparency, and we want to continue that practice in our everyday, beginning with the people and process behind our products.

Zero Waste

Everything Origin makes has more than one life; we aim to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We’ve made sure our products are made in the highest quality and last a long time, reducing waste to the landfills. Majority of our product components and packaging can be recycled, from our memory foam layers to our tiny nano-beads; similarly, any returned products are donated to one of our partner charities, such as the Salvation Army.

Our goal is to produce zero waste, and to do that we’re committed to making recycling easier and better, via improved design and forming more meaningful partnerships with local charities.

The Highest Quality Materials

We’re using our engineering expertise to identify more responsible materials: not only do we use premium & sustainable materials for our products, we also make sure that our textiles are OEKO-TEX® certified (a safeguard against harmful substances). The Origin team is always sourcing for new, higher quality materials and we’re continuing to replace materials with better ones with each round of production.

Our People, Our Community

We’re nothing without the people that spend their days thinking and working on our behalf, so naturally we’re constantly looking for ways to support them; we’ve embraced flexible and remote working arrangements, as well as various staff benefits for our employees. We work closely with our suppliers and factories are consistently protecting people and safeguarding the environment.

Our Customers & Their Voices

Last but not the last, we're definitely not forgetting our customers, without whom Origin would not be what it is today. Every single review given to us helps greatly to improve customer experience, and we welcome your feedback even if it's a bad review - we recognise that we're not perfect, and negative feedback helps us to find solutions, keep improving and serve you better!

We'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to leave us a feedback of your experience, let us know your thoughts here: https://forms.gle/eZyfZQmbHPsFtTGd8

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