Origin Mattress Scam - Beware of Fraud

Origin Mattress Scam - Beware of Fraud

It has recently come to our attention that there have been several cases of dishonest scammers using the Origin brand in Malaysia. With online scams on the rise, the Origin team hopes to bring to your attention the various types of scams that have been reported so you can better protect yourself.

Phishing Scam

These phishing scams typically come as text messages or emails from addresses impersonating Origin and making fake offers or claims of refunds or giveaways. They are designed to trick recipients into clicking on a phishing URL link which then prompts you to key in confidential personal information such as your debit or credit card number. Scammers may copy the Origin logo or links that resemble the Origin's official website link to make the email seem authentic. While seemingly legitimate at first glance, take note that these spoofed email addresses often have simple misspellings such as missing a letter or replacing numbers with letters that look similar.

Below are our only official email addresses used in Malaysia:


Impersonation Scam

Fraudsters may act as Origin representatives to trick customers that they have won a giveaway or prize. In some cases, scammers may create a fake social media account on Instagram or Facebook, or fake forum account to send you a request to DM them and claim a prize. These pages are set up to resemble Origin, usually with content copied from Origin's official social media accounts.

These accounts may run fake sales and promotions to generate activity around the account and help it increase the number of followers and steal money or information. It will generally ask for a like or personal information to enter, which may be sold to third parties for illegal purposes. The pages may also advertise and sell counterfeit goods and services using stolen product images from Origin.

To avoid falling prey to these scams, we advise you to put various checks in place. To verify requests, including verifying requests from the senders by calling our official customer service hotline: +60 154 600 0146

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