Which Mattress Topper should you get | Product Recommendations 2023

Which Mattress Topper should you get | Product Recommendations 2023

Do you think that mattresses and pillows are only bedding accessories that add comfort to your sleep at night? If you think so, you are wrong; several other products like mattress toppers, mattress protectors, and pillow covers can give you a plushy feel while sleeping. These products enhance sleep comfort, decrease pressure points, and boost airflow, which helps keep you cool during your sleep. One of these is mattress toppers that provide many benefits to back and side sleepers!

A Mattress topper is a layer of foam or latex placed on the top of the primary mattress to provide extra cushioning and support. They can also be used as mobile mattresses by themselves because of their thickness. Therefore, the next time you're planning to spread on the lawn or even in your living room just lay the mattress and relax in a comfortable position. There are two primary reasons why mattress toppers are used

  1. It makes a firmer mattress feels more comfortable
  2. To cover a worn-out or old mattress.

Today, we will recommend some mattress toppers worth buying in 2022; we will discuss their qualities, features, and prices. So, let’s jump into it.

Origin Contour Ergonomic Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Origin is a Malaysian trusted brand that offers mattresses, pillows, mattress toppers, etc. The most striking feature unique to Origin Contour Mattress Topper is its soft, wavy texture. Manufactured in Germany, it is built to relieve pressure points and relax your muscles as you sleep. It is very helpful for people with neck and back pain because its super unique and soft memory foam provides endless comfort by releasing the pressure from your pressure points.

Origin mattress toppers have thermoregulation cooling gel imbed in memory foam, which makes you feel cosy and provides a cooler sleep. Origin mattress topper minimizes allergic triggers, boosts blood circulation and flow, reduces the disturbance caused by your partner's motion, and regulates the body's temperature. It comes with a hand-stitched Tencel removable cover that can be washed when needed. It comes in four different sizes.

  • Single (91 x 190 x 5 CM
  • Super Single (107 x 190 x 5 CM)
  • Queen (152 x 190 x 5 CM)
  • King (183 x 190 x 5 CM)

Origin offers a 7-day no-question return if the product does not satisfy you. Additionally, they give a warranty of 3 years for its memory foam. It is made with safety in mind, Safe for all ages, from children to the elderly. It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal capabilities, so you are safe from dust mites, bacteria, viruses, bed bugs, and allergens. The price of Origin's mattress topper is RM. 1225 to RM. 1865 varies from size to size, although you can also pay in instalments.

Getha Naturally Super Soft Latex Topper

Getha Naturally Super Soft Latex Topper is a 100% organic latex mattress topper that's certainly the most luxurious in Malaysia. This topper is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those afflicted by allergies like mildew, mould, or dust mites. Its unique design will allow you to sleep better, improve airflow, and provide additional spine support. Its natural latex construction can help you feel better and relax the pressure joints throughout the day.

This luxurious and plush mattress provides an additional cushioning effect and seeks to enhance health, harmony, and comfort by offering sufficient support and relaxation for your entire body. Soft, comfortable, and practical, it can be placed on an existing mattress or laid on the ground. Getha naturally super soft latex mattress toppers are available in three different sizes.

  • SINGLE SIZE (90X190X7.5CM)
  • QUEEN SIZE (150X190X7.5CM)

It helps get rid of spinal pain, shoulder pain, and muscle contractions through its extra soft latex material. Making you feel like you are floating on air and adjusts itself according to the curves of your body, especially for the people who sleep on their back or sidewise. It also provides anti-bacterial and anti-viral capabilities, which prevent the growth of microbial insects and pathogens that may cause damage to you. The cost of these Getha mattress toppers is RM. 899, RM. 999, RM. 1499 for single, super single, and queen size, respectively.

Naturenite Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Naturenite mattress topper is made from premium quality latex material, provides gentle cushioning, and is especially beneficial for back and side sleepers. It offers excellent comfortable bounce with great pressure point relief. Latex is a material that originated from wood; it is a type of rubber with more than 55% of water which makes it extra softer and plushy. The latex toppers can be used as an addition to your bed. Latex material offers a distinct elastic and high-response feel that offers a great sleeping experience and relief from pressure. If you believe that your bed is rigid and gives you joint pain, numbness, or tingling, a latex mattress will be the best option for addressing your problem.

It comes with NANOFROST COOLING FABRIC which quickly adapts to a cool environment to regulate temperature. It helps distribute and manage body heat; additionally, it makes your mattress cool within seconds and provides comfort and coolness. Its anti-dust mites and anti-microbial capabilities keep the bacteria, mites, viruses, and fungus away from it and make it safer and healthier for you. Naturenite mattress topper is available in four different sizes; moreover, you can choose the thickness of the toppers according to your needs.

  • Single (91cm x 191cm)
  • Super single (107cm x 191cm)
  • Queen (152cm x 191cm)
  • King (183cm x 191cm)

According to your desire, you can also choose the thickness of mattress toppers between 4cm, 7cm, 9cm, and 12cm. The prices of Naturenite mattress toppers vary between RM. 663 to RM. 1129 respective to sizes.


These are the recommended mattress toppers you should buy in 2022. These Mattress toppers offer the best quality and features at the best prices. If you want to buy a mattress topper, you can consider them.

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