5 Best Baby Mattresses in Malaysia

5 Best Baby Mattresses in Malaysia

Welcoming a new bundle of joy may just be the most amazing thing to happen to new parents. Preparing for their arrival, however, may get overwhelming as most new parents are buying baby essentials for the first time. Some may overindulge and some may even buy the wrong sets of appliances.

Worry not, we are here to help you choose the most basic need for your little precious: a baby mattress!

What you should look for in a mattress

One of the main criteria for a good baby mattress that you need to look out for is that it has to be firm and not at all plush. Babies need a firm mattress for optimum support for their little bodies. A soft and plush mattress might envelop and sink their bodies further in and that may not be safe for them. Soft bedding can lead to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

So, a firm, no-frills mattress is exactly what you should be searching for. Read on for great brand recommendations for your little babe:


Getha Baby Latex Baby Cot Mattress

Getha baby latex mattress is a great choice for your little bub for many reasons. It provides the ultimate support and comfort thanks to it being made with natural latex. You can also have its size custom-made to your and your baby’s liking. For RM602.10, its benefits include:

·       Natural, antioxidant latex

·       Hypoallergenic

·       Anti-dust mite

·       Natural ventilation system that ensures a continuous airflow

·       EMF and metal-free

·       5-year warranty


Zee Cloud Baby Cloud Mattress


This baby mattress by Zee Cloud is an excellent choice if you are looking for a no-fuss and waterproof mattress for your baby to sleep on. It is made from high-quality foam that comes with a waterproof cover. The mattress is designed with a breathable foam core to maximize airflow for your baby’s peaceful and comfortable slumber. The price is RM286.11 and comes with:

·       CertiPUR-US® High Density with Advanced Air-Flow Technology Foam

·       Waterproof, removable and washable cover

·       1-year warranty



Ikea is known to have affordably priced products that are great in quality. This baby mattress is delightfully firm and has pocket springs. Priced at RM350, other features include:

·       Washable cover

·       Natural materials

·       Individually wrapped pocket springs

·       A generous layer of pressure-relieving foam

·       A fixed inner cover

·       Designed specifically for Ikea cots


Baby Cot 3E Moussway Mattress

This unique baby mattress is made with natural coconut fiber filling that can help maintain a correct position during sleep and a vertical position when the baby is lifted from the crib.

It also comes with a cover that is anti-allergic which protects the mattress from moisture, sweat and bad odor. The 3E Moussway baby mattress is priced the most affordable at RM99 and features the following:

·       5 layers of coating

·       Topper with antibacterial grass coral fabric

·       A layer of non-woven fabric

·       Natural latex

·       Coconut fiber


And saving the best for last…. 

Origin Mattress


This particular mattress might be the only different type compared to the others mentioned above. Different but better should always be the way to go. But before we go any further, let me first make my case on why Origin Mattress is the best choice for new parents and their babies.

And that reason is co-sleeping.

Co-sleeping has been an old practice and tradition popular in non-western countries and cultures. It involves sleeping on the same surface as the baby and this practice has been growing more and more prevalent in modern days, leaving cribs and cots behind.

According to a study, both adults and babies sleep even longer when they bedshare and this is probably because the parents don’t have to get out of bed and walk all the way to feed, and babies don’t have to cry out, wait for help and then settle back down which can take some time as we know.

Longer sleep also has implications for parent-child interactions in the daytime. Research suggests that more well-rested parents make better decisions and, importantly, have greater emotion regulation. Sleep deprivation also increases the risk of postpartum depression.

Not only is bedsharing beneficial for babies, but it also gives a great impact on parents and can make the whole ordeal safer and healthier for the family.

Now, introducing the almighty Origin Hybrid mattress by Origin Mattress, an innovative company that hails from Germany. Its hybrid mattress has many impeccable features that are guaranteed to wow its customers.

Why is it the best choice for your little one? (+you)

Origin Hybrid mattress has up to 6 spectacular layers, all ready to provide a wonderful sleep not only for babies but for parents too!

The mattress is cooling, hypoallergenic, made with natural latex, and more importantly, has motion isolation. This could help parents move in and out of bed a lot easier so as to not interrupt baby’s deep slumber. And to be quite honest, a full-blown mattress is more permanent than a temporary baby crib and mattress, making the purchase even more worth it as it can be used even after the baby reaches a certain age.

Priced at RM1839 (Queen) and RM2487 (King), Origin’s mattress has more benefits and special features compared to other brands combined:

·       Made up of 6 layers

·       Hypoallergenic

·       CloudCool™ Memory Foam

·       Natural Latex

·       Pocket Springs (Patent Pending)

·       Cooling Technology

·       Zero Motion Transfer

·       Full Body Support

·       Risk-Free 120 Nights Trial

·       Free Delivery

·       15 Years Warranty

For more information on Origin and its products, click here

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