Getha Mattress Review 2023 | All you need to know!

Getha Mattress Review 2023 | All you need to know!

The internet has made ordering a mattress from the comfort of your home or office much more convenient. However, it can be tough to determine what will work best for you, since you are unable to can't try it. This is where Getha Mattress comes into the picture.

Today, I will discuss the Getha mattress, whether or not it is the best choice for your preferences. Let me start with the introduction of the brand first.

About Getha Mattress

Getha was founded in 1969. The brand's name reflects its Malaysian ancestry. The company has the finest rubber and latex operations. The symbol depicts a leaf and water drops, which represent the natural elements found in their mattresses. It also represents unity, peace, and healthy, ecological existence.

Green mattresses are typically more expensive than standard mattresses since they are made from verified, pure, and genuine components that are obtained sustainably. The Greenguard Gold Certified Avocado Green Mattress provides all of this while being reasonably priced.

Other than providing genuine mattresses to worldwide customers, Getha also deals in other products like:

  • Pillow
  • Bed Frame (Adjustable Beds, Divan, Headboard, etc.)
  • Baby & Kids (Baby Pillow, Bolster, Changing Mat)
  • Bedding (Bedsheet, Pillow Case, Protector, etc.)

The main components in the mattresses are all non-toxic materials, ensuring full protection. It is made of polyester viscose material, that provides additional softness and durability. These mattresses contain orthopaedic solutions that allow customers to get quality sleep while relieving them of backache and other muscle problems.

The Factors

Getha Mattress is a great option, with a global rating of 4.7 and over a thousand positive reviews. These mattresses offer the ideal combination of aesthetics and pleasure. Other factors that make Getha mattresses an excellent choice are as follows.


With a pricing of roughly RM3,999.00, the Getha mattress is also one of the best value-for-money. It is a decent price and I found it quite affordable.


Made up of three-layered mattresses, each mattress provides appropriate weight distribution and hence, encourages quality sleep. It is made up of 100% natural latex, along with bamboo and coconut fibre, which makes it quite eco-friendly too.

Comfort level

Upon using the Getha Mattress, I found it quite comfortable. The orthopaedic support provided me with the ideal blend of relaxation and flexibility.


Getha mattress comes with a limited 10-year warranty, which requires all the labels to be intact. Also, the original purchase receipt must be produced as proof of purchase. Considering how long a period of 10 years is, it might be difficult to keep all the labels on the mattress intact.

Origin Mattresses

Just like me, If you’re not too impressed with the value that Getha mattress offers, then Origin mattress is meant for you. Origin Sleep is a German mattress company that has expanded into Malaysia and Singapore. The Origin Hybrid Mattress, based in Germany, does have some distinct qualities, including soothing gel-infused memory foam on the bottom of strong pocket springs.

When I compared Origin with Getha mattress, I found that Origin mattress enjoys the upper hand in almost every area. The things that have wowed me about Origin mattress are:

Price Range

Origin’s Hybrid Mattress can be afforded for merely RM1,839.00. On the other hand, Getha Greetings Mattress costs as high as RM3,999.00, which means that not everyone can afford it.


Origin analyzes and constantly meets consumers' expectations with utmost perfection by delivering supreme quality CertiPUR-US® certified products regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, This gives Origin an upper hand over Getha mattresses. Also, the presence of Origin’s 6 layer hybrid mattress, Aeroflex natural latex, and cloud-cool memory foam leaves the Getha mattress much behind.

Comfort Level

Getha Mattress uses 100% latex and is made up of a three-layered mattress, each layer providing the utmost comfort. On the other hand, Origin mattresses use memory foam that contours to the body shape and help the user relieve themselves of any body aches. This makes both Origin and Getha mattresses equally comfortable for the users.


The other thing that I found quite impressive is the 120-day trial and 15-year warranty, along with the free delivery offered by Origin Mattress. This certainly gives the Origin Mattress an edge over the Getha Mattress, which provides only a 10-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

Due to the sheer ergonomic structure and temperature regulation, the Origin mattress is a wise investment that provides exceptional bang for the buck. It offers a perfect rest while also maintaining and controlling your body temperature, thanks to its strong yet gentle memory foam throughout the year. It is also effective for muscle spasms, joint problems, back muscles discomfort, and shoulder pain.

Not to brag, the Origin Sleep mattress offers fantastic value. It comes with great firmness that is suitable to the majority of people's choices as well as comfort levels. The hybrid design, consisting of memory foam and latex materials on top of an innerspring layer, provides an exceptional feeling of convenience.

At such a minimal price, users enjoy outstanding customer service as well as a full 120-day testing period where the Getha Mattress fails to do so.

The mattress even comes with a 15-year warranty, which is a perfect deal for the price. Although Getha mattress offers great value for money, Origin Mattress certainly steals the show with its mindblowing features, extended warrant

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