Goodnite Mattress Review 2023: Best Mattress Guide

Goodnite Mattress Review 2023: Best Mattress Guide

As we step into the new year, there isn’t a better time to live by the saying ‘Out with the old, in with the new’. Rest assured as we, the sleep experts will be right by your side until you find the mattress of your dreams. We have curated a handy guide to help you find the right mattress material that works best for your sleep preference.

The Holy Trinity of Mattresses 

Foam, Coil and Latex are the ‘holy trinity’ when it comes to mattress materials. Selecting the right mattress for you can be made easy when you narrow your options down. We have selected three best-selling Goodnite mattresses of different materials to break down the features each material boasts. Perhaps one of these mattresses could potentially be the perfect mattress for you! 

Goodnite 100% Natural Latex Mattress 

Goodnite’s latex mattress is made up of a high-density eco-foam layer and a natural latex layer with a hemp fabric topper. The natural latex layer delivers a balance of comfort and gentle support. As latex mattresses are significantly softer than the other two materials, the Goodnite mattress scores a four on the firmness meter. 

A latex mattress is ideal if you are looking for a cloud-like mattress that you can sink into as it gently supports every inch of your body. Its cushiony property works two-fold at relieving exerted pressure on the body. Latex is naturally resistant to mold, dust mites and allergens so you won’t have to worry about pesky creepy crawlies residing in your Goodnite latex mattress. 

Prices and Sizing:

  • Single - RM5,988.00
  • Super Single - RM6,888.00
  • Queen - RM9,688.00
  • King - RM11,488.00

Goodnite DPC® Spring Mattress 

Scoring an eight on the fitness meter, the Goodnite DPC® Spring Mattress offers sturdy support as do most coil mattresses. Coil mattresses are especially firm because each coil is devised to progressively flex in response to an increase in movement or pressure. 

The feature that makes the Goodnite DPC® Spring Mattress different from other coil mattresses is its very own patented 6-turn Double Posture Coil (DPC®) layer, making it all the more accommodating to ultimate posturing support. Its noteworthy patented StatFree® and IceSleep knitted fabric topper also aids in neutralizing body static during sleep and increases the breathability of the already impressive Goodnite DPC® Spring Mattress. Aside from its exceptional bolstering ability, coil mattresses are also great if you are in need of one that helps reduce aches and pains. 

The hollow coils allow for better ventilation through the bed which in turn, regulates your body temperature as you doze off. Coil mattresses are your best bet if you prefer a sturdier and more supportive mattress. 


  • Single - RM2,399
  • Super Single - RM2,699
  • Queen - RM3,299
  • King - RM3,999

Goodnite Compress AI Foam Mattress 

Foam mattresses are perfect if you are looking for a mash-up between coil and latex mattresses. Falling in between the Goodnite 100% Natural Latex Mattress and Goodnite DPC® Spring Mattress, the Goodnite Compress AI Foam Mattress lands a six on the firmness meter. 

Foam mattresses are well known for their ability to mold to the curves of your body and snap back to their original state as soon as the exerted pressure is removed. The Goodnite Compress AI Foam Mattress flaunts a firm-density foam layer and an imported knitted soft fabric topper that adds an added layer of comfort. 

Foam mattresses are well-suited for those who move in a myriad of positions throughout the night as it remains supportive and comfortable regardless of movement. 

Prices and Sizing:

  • Single - RM1,188.00
  • Super Single - RM1,388.00
  • Queen - RM1,888.00
  • King - RM2,188.00

Now, wouldn't it be great to get your hands on a mattress that comes with all of the features and specifications mentioned above? There's no need to imagine it any longer because such a mattress does already exist!

The All-Encompassing Origin Hybrid Mattress

Introducing the Origin Hybrid Mattress. This impeccable mattress is the only six-layer mattress in Malaysia and it features: 

Prices and Sizing:

  • Single - RM1,225.00
  • Super Single - RM1,531.00
  • Queen - RM1,839.00
  • King - RM2,487.00

Now that you have the lowdown on the best mattress materials to select from, we hope that this guide takes you a step closer to finding your dream mattress because there’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep.

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