The Truth About Goodnite Mattress - An Exclusive Review On Goodnite Mattresses

The Truth About Goodnite Mattress - An Exclusive Review On Goodnite Mattresses

Goodnite Mattresses have existed in Malaysia for over 30 years. The company has acquired a significant capacity to produce over 45,000 mattresses per month. These mattresses are known for their comfort and durable approach. Over the years, the company has managed to expand internationally. They are not primarily available online as an exclusive store. You will have to find an offline store, or a third-party website, like the eCommerce website, to order.

Thankfully, they are available on plenty of eCommerce websites and online shopping platforms. There are plenty of dealers available offline. With that being said, here is a quick review from our side. What do we think about the Goodnite mattresses?

Let’s Understand Their Mattresses 

The company claims to be the number 1 best-selling mattress in Malaysia. The mattresses indeed work with a certain quality and offer the comfort you expect. They do a good job providing a good night’s sleep.

Their unique selling point seems to be in fabricating custom made mattresses. But it doesn’t mean that they take custom orders. It is more about ‘specialized’ orders. Something very few manufacturers provide. What does that mean? They claim that each mattress is meticulously designed with the specified requirements of their client.

Ergo, the company puts efforts into surveying and learning about the customers’ requirements before producing their orders. But there’s no doubt that they have quite the presence and demand in Malaysia. With thousands of dealers, they might not need an online presence. Their mattresses are primarily used in hotels and other similar places.

Dual-Layer Pocketed Coil System

The mattress comes with a dual-layer pocketed coil system. It is an ambitious approach to bring you a long-lasting coil system. A dual-layer means that the coil is wrapped in two different layers of fabric.

As a result, you receive less noise, and you won’t even feel the coil system in the mattress. So, it produces less noise, and it feels like a fluffy mattress with no mechanical addition.

Double Posture Coil Spring System

It is the same as a dual-layer pocketed coil system but for posture. The double posture coil spring system does not use the typical hourglass springs. Their springs are individually set to settle according to your body posture and the way of sleep.

It has better centre integrity to last longer and will not wear out. So, you get mattresses that feel comfortable to sleep on.

Let’s Judge Them Through Factors


In terms of pricing, the Goodnite mattresses fall in a price range of RM250 to RM4000.

  • The ones with 5-inch density fall around RM250-300 
  • As you go higher, anything around 8 inches costs RM600
  • 10 inches density mattresses cost around RM850

While some of the mattresses fall at a good bargain, they are only the entry-level selections. The true, luxurious mattresses cost much more. For instance, a luxurious 12 inches double posture spring mattress costs around RM3,000. So, that gives you a good idea of how costly they can get.

With their use in high-end hotels and other similar places, one thing’s for sure - these are not for the everyday folks.


There’s no doubt that you do receive the quality you’re paying for. They maintain quite a quality control over their mattress. You won’t be disappointed if you love mattresses with springs. After all, they are known for providing hotels. Their fabrication and the entire knitted material are world-class and you will have a luxurious addition.

Comfort Level

They are well known for the premium comfort but it only resides in their high-end mattresses. If you buy their simple mattresses, you won’t get the treatment or comfort that you’re expecting from the high-end. They get the job done, but for the firm spring system, back support and such, you need to go high-end. If you get their luxurious mattresses, you will receive what you pay for.

Value For Money

You have anti-dust, anti-fungal, and anti-mite treatments on the mattresses. So, they are easier to maintain and last longer. They also come with three to ten years warranty, depending on the quality and type of mattress you’re buying.

Let’s Compare Them To Origin Mattresses

Now, on the other hand, you have the Origin Mattresses. The question is if they are better than Goodnite Mattresses. For the starters, Origin Mattress uses German Technology and has proven to be doctor recommended. It has secured many positive reviews and stands as one of the best options available in Malaysia.

Here are some quick factors for you to consider:

  • The mattresses maintain a hypoallergenic quality. So, anyone allergic to typical mattresses won’t have any problem. You won’t develop some asthma problems either. These mattresses are antifungal and antiparasitic, as well.
  • The mattresses have a 15+ years warranty. Even pillows have years of warranty.
  • There’s no use of the spring system. Origin Mattresses uses memory foam, latex hybrids and gel technology for optimum comfort. Thus, you receive some of the most comfortable and high-quality mattresses.
  • If you compare the pricing, even the best, the hybrid mattresses, costs around RM1,200-1,300. So, you save a lot of money.


Finding affordable and value for money mattresses have become an indispensable requirement in today’s world. We all seek cheap but long-lasting alternatives. While Goodnite mattresses are luxurious, they are not economic in range.

Goodnite does a good job with the quality, comfort, and other services. You even get free deliveries and warranties. There’s no doubt that Goodnite has also scored some awards, but Origin has professional recommendations from the doctors. So, you now know which one would be better to choose. It all comes down to your preference.

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