Honey Mattress Review 2023 | Price Comparisons!

Honey Mattress Review 2023 | Price Comparisons!

Are you looking for a new mattress? The entire process of buying a mattress can be very overwhelming.

We can speak from experience that we know that the different brands and sleep technologies can confuse you.

We’ve seen many friends and customers choosing mattresses from obvious and famous brands without doing any research.

They often buy an expensive mattress with mediocre features that aren’t valued for money at all.

When buying a mattress, you have to look at certain important factors like the price range and the sleeping technology. Your choice will also be determined by your personal sleep preferences and medical needs if any.

The Honey Mattress Range - An Introduction

Honey is a flagship brand owned by the Wansen Foam Industry. Wansen has over 13 years of experience in creating and delivering innovative bedding products. They claim their research and development facilities to be one of the strongest in the region.

Honey has a wide range of mattresses, including best-sellers like the Advanced Spinal Series and the Silk Pro Series mattresses. Their products come within a range of 6 years to 12 years of warranty, depending on the price. 


The Golden Silk mattress by Honey in queen size cost a whooping RM 5,999. After spending this much on a mattress, you will be expecting a top-notch sleeping experience. Honey offers you a 12-year warranty with the Golden Silk mattress. However, there was no trial period.


As the name suggests, the fabric used for the mattress is a cool silk fabric. Even though the material has a premium finish, there is always the fear of tears and stains with silk.

It came with a better edge support system that offers a wider sleeping surface.

One of the main reasons for buying this mattress was the promise of no backaches and pains. It offers average support for the pressure points on your body!

Comfort Level

If your earlier mattress was of no help during hot summer nights. The Golden Silk mattress comes with cooling technology. Which was one of the main reasons many was attracted to buy it in the first place.

The silk-infused yarn exterior on the mattress offers good absorption, but it may not keep you comfortable on sweltering nights.

As mentioned before, the 7-pocket spring system is a shiny offering on the packaging, but it does an average job of aiding the pressure points on your body.

One USP is the T-pocket coil system that eliminates the need for a foam rail. This makes room for more sleeping surfaces with better edge support.


The Golden Silk mattress is a decent purchase, but you may not find it to be value for your money. There are may or may not be better options on the market for this price tag with advanced features.

The T-pocket coil system is a game-changer, but it's available in different brands for much less.


Why might the Origin Hybrid Series be a Better Alternative?

The search for a mattress that would give you the best sleeping experience is challenging.

Origin Mattresses have been around for quite a while now. They're an industry leader in creating and delivering top-notch bedding technology at an affordable price.

The Origin mattresses are designed in Germany, emphasizing a better sleeping experience. They also come with exclusive features in the most affordable price ranges.


The Origin Hybrid mattress is currently available at the RM 1,839 price tag for the queen size. This may just be a far better deal than the Honey Golden Silk mattress.

The mattress also comes with a 120-day trial and a 15-year warranty. We offer only the best after-sales support for our customers.



Origin invests tremendous effort in their research and development. They deliver award-winning sleep technologies which are doctor-approved for a better sleep experience.

The natural latex layer on the top paired with memory foam gives you a soft sinking feeling. This feeling was accompanied by a floating experience which meant a better night's sleep.

The latex layer is durable and long-lasting, you should never settle on a mattress without it.

Comfort level

The Origin Hybrid is a revolutionary mattress with 6 layers of comfort. The Airflow Tencel and the Cooling Gel technology is a lifesaver for many. You will never have to experience a single sweating moment during the night once you start using this mattress.

Many of our customers' greatest concern was to buy a mattress that supported their back and alleviated their aches and pains. The Origin Hybrid surpassed all expectations for them in this regard.

The motion isolation feature ensures that you won't be disturbed during the night. The springs adjust to your body shape and offer maximum support to your pressure points.

A team of in-house specialists approve each model of the Hybrid Mattress before it goes into manufacturing. This is a plus point that isn’t offered by most of the mattress brands on the market.




When you compare the Origin Hybrid with the Honey Silk Pro series, We can confidently tell you that Origin is a good alternative.

It is far more comfortable and affordable. The 15 years of warranty is proof that the brand is confident about its product’s quality and durability.

When you chose Origin, you will be valued as a customer. The after-sales experience and customer support are next to none. You will be impressed with the offer of a 120 day trial period and prompt response from customer support any time of the day.


Remember to do considerable research when choosing a mattress.

We don't recommend spending a hefty amount of money on expensive mattresses. The Origin Hybrid is a class apart at such an affordable price.

 One thing that sets Origin apart from its competitors is the excellent customer service and warranty. The 15-year warranty and 120-day trial show the brand's confidence in its product.

Origin also offers a mattress disposal service. If you don't want to do the heavy lifting and get rid of the old mattress, you can easily choose this service when you checkout on the website for a mere RM 350.

If you value your hard-earned money and want a better sleeping experience, go for the Origin Hybrid without thinking twice.

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