Ikea Mattress Review 2023 | You need to read this!

Ikea Mattress Review 2023 | You need to read this!

Generally, Ikea is an affordable and popular option to consider with a wide range of sizes and styles. But how do you decide which mattress is the right one for you?

Mattress reviews are powerful tools that can help you understand the merits, demerits, and performance, among other mattress factors I could not determine when shopping for a mattress. In this article, I will provide details that help determine if there are better alternatives compared to Ikea mattresses.

Details About Ikea Mattresses

Ikea understands that we have different preferences when it comes to sleeping patterns. That is why Ikea provides a wide range of mattresses that guarantee comfort. Apart from that, Ikea mattresses are available in different sizes ranging from full, twin, king, and queen sizes. Regardless of whether the mattress is latex or spring, Ikea will ensure that you get an average design that will guarantee support and comfort at friendly prices.

Here is a list of different types of mattresses and their prices that we found on Ikea’s Website.

Innerspring Mattresses

Ikea offers about ten different types of innerspring mattresses. The prices of the innerspring mattresses range from RM 330.22 to RM 3757.82, depending on the quality and size. Most of their innerspring mattresses are only available in queen size despite the wide price range.

Type of Mattress Description (What the mattress comprise of) Price (RM)
JOMNA roll-up Medium Firmness
5 ⅞ inches
Thick Steel-Bonnell coil
Polypropylene materials
Rayon fibre materials
SULTAN HAVBERG Medium Firmness
7 ⅛ Inches
Thick Steel-Bonnell coil
1.5 pounds foam
Polyester materials
Rayon and Polypropylene pad materials
SULTAN HURVA Firm in nature
7 ⅛ Inches
Thick Steel-Bonnell coil
1.5 Pounds Foam
Rayon and polyester pad materials
SULTAN HANESTAD Firm in nature
8 ⅝ Inches
Thick 506 Steel Pocket
Rayon and polyester pad materials
SULTAN HALLEN Medium Firmness
9 ½ Inches
Thick 506 Steel-pocket Coils
1.5 Pound foam
Rayon and Polyester pad materials
Thick 506 Steel Pocket Coils
1-⅝" memory foam 1.5lb foam
Rayon & Polyester pad materials
Thick 484 Steel Pocket Coils
1.5lb Foam
Rayon & Polyester Pads
12 Inches
Thick 484 Steel-pocket Coils
Blended-latex materials
1.5 Pound foam  
Rayon & Polyester pads
13 ⅜ Inches
Thick 484 Steel-pocket coils
2-⅜ Inches memory foam
1.5 Pounds foam
Rayon and Polyester pads
11 ¾ Inches
Thick Natural blended latex
Coir, Polylactide, and Wool pad materials
528 Steel-pocket Coils

Polyfoam Mattresses

Polyfoam is another type of mattress that Ikea has to offer! Their three top polyfoam mattresses range from RM 363.27 to RM1799. Most of the mattresses within the price range are available in queen size. Polyfoam mattress that features other materials such as memory foam will come at a higher price.

Type of Mattress Description Price (RM)
3 ⅞ Inch Thickness
1.7 Pounds poly foams
Rayon fibre or poly materials Cotton or poly covers
4 ¾ Inch Thickness
1.7 Pounds poly foams
Rayon or Poly fibres
Polypropylene linings
Cotton or poly covers
MORGEDAL Medium Firm or Rigid
7 ⅛ Inch Thickness
2.2- and 1.7-pounds poly foams
Rayon or Poly Fiber materials
Polypropylene linings
Cotton or Poly covers

Latex Hybrid Ikea Mattresses

If you need extra comfort, you have to look at the Latex Hybrid Ikea mattresses with synthetic hybrids which range from RM 1667.82 to RM 2294.82.

Type of Mattress Description Price (RM)
MATRAND Medium Firm Rigid
7 ⅛ Inches Thickness
3.1 Pounds memory foams
1.7 Pounds Poly foams
Rayon or Poly fibres
Polypropylene linings
Cotton or Poly covers
MYRBACKA Medium Firm Rigid
9 ½ Inches Thick
3.1 pounds memory foams
1.7 to 2.2 pounds poly foams
Rayon or Poly Fibre and wool
Polypropylene linings
Cotton or Poly covers

Natural Blend Latex Mattress

Ikea has mattresses made from natural materials and sustainable processes. These mattresses have low environmental impact thus suitable for people who care about the environment. I checked out the leading mattress with the natural blend latex materials and got the following information.

Type of Mattress Description Price (RM)
MORGONGAVA Medium Firmness
7 ⅞ Inch Thickness
85% natural latex foams
Wool pads
Cotton covers

Factors About Ikea Mattresses

The prices of the mattresses from Ikea are comparatively low compared to other mattress brands. Hence, in this section, we will be focusing on different factors such as price, quality, value, and comfort level of Ikea mattresses.

Comfort Level

Mattresses from Ikea guarantees comfort at different degrees of firmness. Ikea mattresses adapt averagely to the body's contours, thus enabling the heaviest parts to sink into the mattress. To guarantee comfort, you will have to take note of your sleeping position when choosing an Ikea mattress.


Ikea mattresses are generally affordable within specific price ranges. You are guaranteed value for your money even though Ikea lacks some areas. Nonetheless, Consumers think of Ikea when looking for mattresses that provide intermediate care for their bodies at pocket-friendly prices.


Users reviewed Ikea mattresses at average and above-average satisfaction levels. Ikea ensures that the main comfort factors such as ease of movement, motion isolation, sleeping hot, and odour are in place. However, they have to improve comfort, value, quality, and performance.


We have gathered information from different users and noted that Ikea mattresses are durable and guarantee comfort levels over an extended period, thus giving value for money. They ranked the experience as average among the best mattresses in comfort, pressure relief, back pain relief, cooling, and side sleeping.

Origin Mattresses

Origin mattresses have the best supportive mattress to guarantee better quality, price, value, and comfort than Ikea mattresses. Origin mattress has the best signature pressure-relieving foam materials paired with additional layers of extremely high-quality natural-latex and spring materials. With its magnificent support system, excellent quality, and proficient comfort, we are sure you will wake up revitalized and fresh.

The main features of origin hybrid mattresses include:

  • Cooling gel memory foam accompanied with natural latex and pocket springs
  • 10 inches and above cooling hybrid mattresses
  • 120-day trial with a money-back guarantee
  • Cooling Tencel Covers with different designs from the best manufacturers in Germany

From many of our customers' experience, Origin mattresses are comparable to Ikea mattresses. Here are the features that Origin mattresses provide that Ikea mattresses do not.

Comfort Level

Origin Hybrid Mattress offers extreme comfort primarily due to the materials and precision used in the manufacturing process. Origin mattresses have a soft touch with different materials such as natural latex, providing a soft sinking feeling on the body. In addition, you will feel a buoyant support sensation from the natural spring nature of the materials.


Origin mattresses will offer value with better features than Ikea mattresses at an affordable price. For instance, mattresses from Origin and Ikea within the RM 2503.82 price range have different features. I compared Ikea and Origin mattresses within the RM 2503.82 price range and came up with the following information.

Dimension Origin Mattresses (Queen) Ikea Mattresses (Queen)
Price (RM) 1,839.00 2503.82
Foam Hybrid and Pocket Spring Yes NO
Cooling-gel Memory Foams Yes NO
Orthopaedic Designs Yes NO
Night Trial 120 90
Free Delivery and Returns Yes NO
Money-Back Guarantee Yes NO


Origin’s Hybrid Mattress is the best in terms of quality. Origin had better features than Ikea that guaranteed excellent comfort and a goodnight's sleep. Among the high-quality features, I enjoyed from Origin mattresses were the six comfort layers for a great night's sleep.


Origin mattresses are designed in Germany to ensure comfort and health benefits. It offers excellent value for your money due to its high durability levels. Customers are offered a 15-years warranty and a 120-night test period to prove the value. In addition, you will benefit from the anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, and hypoallergenic features to reduce any allergic reactions.


We recommend Origin mattresses rather than Ikea to anybody looking for the best night's sleep with no disturbance and extreme comfort levels. You will never regret choosing Origin mattresses because they provide value for your money while protecting your health. All you have to do is to choose the mattress that suits your budget and body to reap the benefits of a good night's sleep.

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