Ikea Mattress Sizes: All You Need to Know

Ikea Mattress Sizes: All You Need to Know

Sleep! Statistics indicate that getting a good night's sleep depends on the type of mattress. The size of the mattress is one of the most significant factors that people underrate when choosing the most appropriate mattress. You will have to think about the size and available space in the bedroom where the mattress will fit. Apart from that, you will have to think about the number of users and how comfortable you want to be sleeping. Many of our customers purchase the wrong mattress size and regret it later. As this usually happens with Ikea Mattress Sized. In this article, we will give details about all the mattress sizes to help you make the most informed choice.

Important Mattress Size difference!

Ikea Malaysia Mattress Bed Size

Ikea provides different types of mattresses to Malaysia, but they do not have the needs of the Malaysian people and standards at heart. You will have difficulty getting the right bed size and fitted sheets for the Ikea mattress sizes. Mattress sizes vary from one country to another because no international standards dictate the right size of the mattress. However, despite having a mattress conversion chart, Ikea seems to be making mattresses that do not fit the standard sizes required in Malaysia.

Here are the standard mattress sizes that Ikea supplies in Malaysia.

Cot Mattress Size

The cot mattress size is the smallest mattress you will get from Ikea. The mattresses are 70 cm wide and 132 cm long. Cot mattresses are manufactured for babies and are usually made in the standard size of a baby cot. It is suitable for one baby and available at different prices depending on the quality and type of mattress.

Junior Mattress Size

The junior mattress is slightly bigger than the cot mattress and suitable for children who have outgrown the toddler. It is usually 160 cm long and 70 cm wide with a short useful life because the children often outgrow them. Since it is an intermediary for children who will continue growing, the prices are slightly higher than the cot mattresses.  

Single Mattress Size

The single or twin mattress is 189 cm long and 92 cm wide, thus making it the smallest size mattress suitable for adults. It provides minimum space and room for an adult or a child who will use it into adulthood. You can place it in a small room with limited space or in a room where you have two or more beds.

Double Mattress Size

The double mattress size is135 cm wide and 189 cm long, making it suitable for taller adults who need a little more length. Apart from the additional size, it can fit inside a small room or a room with more than one bed. In addition, it provides more room for an adult to change the sleeping position adequately without covering too much space. It has the minimum space for a couple, but the sleep will not be very comfortable.

Queen Mattresses

The queen mattress size from Ikea is 152 cm wide and 202 cm long. It is among the largest mattresses you can opt for as a couple. It guarantees enough space for most couples to sleep comfortably. However, despite being the most popular mattress size, it is not recommended for couples with children sharing the same bed.

King Mattresses

The king mattress is the largest size of mattress that is 200 cm long and 180 cm wide. It is suitable for couples who want enough sleeping space and disturbed sleeping patterns. Apart from that, couples with children and pets sleeping on the same bed should consider using the king mattress.

You ought to understand that the bigger the mattress at Ikea, the higher the prices.

Details About Different Origin Mattress Sizes

Origin mattresses are the leading mattress provider concerned about giving you the best sleeping experience. Origin mattresses are very comfortable, health-conscious, and available in all four standard sizes.

Here are the main details about the four main mattress sizes from Origin mattresses.

Origin Single Mattress Size

The single mattress is the smallest mattress among all the mattress sizes from Origin mattresses. It has a width of 91 cm or 36 inches and a 190 cm or 75 inches length. The single mattress size is suitable for only one adult or one child.

The price of a single mattress size varies depending on the quality and type of mattress you intend to purchase. However, Origin mattress will ensure that you get the best quality mattress at high comfort levels to give you value for your money.

Origin Super Single Mattress Size

Super single mattress is the most popular type of mattress that many people choose because it is bigger than a single mattress. It offers additional luxurious spacing to give one adult or child enough room. Super single mattresses are 107 cm or 42 inches wide and 190 cm or 75 inches long.

The super single Origin mattress size price will vary depending on the quality and type of mattress. Despite the price tag, you will benefit from the high comfort levels and quality that origin guarantees.

Origin Queen Mattress Size

The queen mattress size is the best mattress design suitable for couples or two people sleeping together. However, it is suitable for people who prefer to sleep on big spacious beds alone. The queen mattress size is 152 cm or 60 inches wide and 190 cm or 75 inches long. It is wide enough to accommodate two adults comfortably. Depending on how much space you need, you can also use it for one adult or child.

The price of the queen size mattress is slightly higher than the super single-size mattress due to the additional space. In addition, the price will vary depending on the quality and comfort level of the mattress you intend to purchase.

Origin King Size Mattress

The king-size mattress is the largest standard mattress size that you can choose. It is wide enough to accommodate a couple with children sleeping on the same bed. Usually, a couple can accommodate one or two children sleeping between them on the king size mattress. The additional space allows the people sleeping on it to change sleeping positions without affecting others.

The king mattress size is 182 cm or 72 inches wide and 190 cm or 75 inches long. The price of the king mattress size will vary depending on the quality and comfort level you desire. However, it would be best if you rest easy knowing that you will get value for your money despite the price.


The size of the mattress is a great determinant of the type of sleep that you get. Origin mattresses provide the best size option for people in Malaysia. Ikea is trying to fit into the market, but their mattresses do not fit into the standard bed sizes. In addition to the standard mattress sizes, you should consider the thickness of the mattress. Origin mattresses provide mattresses with different thicknesses depending on the type of mattress and the materials used in manufacturing the mattresses. Despite designing the mattresses in Germany, Origin mattresses consider the standard sizes, comfort, quality and value of the people. You will get everything to guarantee a great night's sleep at an affordable price.

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