Joey mattress review 2023 | Price and Product Comparisons

Joey mattress review 2023 | Price and Product Comparisons

A comfortable and good mattress is essential to get excellent back health & relaxed sleep. If your mattress is good, it will keep your spine upright all night long, preventing your hips and shoulders from sinking into the bed.

Today, several mattress brands can guarantee excellent sleep and health. One of my friends suggested trying out the Joey Mattress. So, I used the Joey Mattress, and here’s what I think of it

About Joey Mattress

Joey Mattress is a well-known mattress brand that supports your body's natural curves. Joey is designed and manufactured entirely in Malaysia with a unique J-Foam foundation. The Joey Mattress is bouncy and airy, with deep pressure relief and longevity, thanks to its unique J-Foam™. Additionally, it is created without any toxic chemicals and is entirely environmentally friendly and safe. 

Joey Mattress is a foam-only mattress constructed of polyurethane, with an open-cell polyurethane structure. It is temperature neutral and has 0% motion transmission since its foam-only construction absorbs movement.

It consists of two layers- each made up of 8 cm soft and bouncy comfort layers with pressure-relieving properties. While the bottom layer is a 15 cm stronger support layer for ideal spinal alignment, the top cover is a smooth and breathable cover composed of 68 per cent polyester and 32 percent viscose for a relaxed sleep. Its zero-motion transfer technology is the best at isolating movements on the mattress so you can sleep well.

Customers can buy and experience a brand new Joey mattress at home with a 99-night trial. Customers unhappy with the mattress can return it for free within 99 days of the trial period and receive a full refund. Also, the product comes with a 10-year warranty as a guarantee of quality and durability.

Moreover, if you are a resident of the Klang Valley, you can get a next-day free delivery throughout the Klang Valley.

There are currently four sizes – single, super-single, queen, and king.

The Factors


The Joey Mattress is quite affordable as it is priced at RM 1895.


The Joey Mattress is made of J-Foam™- a modern foam engineered for unrivalled bounciness and better breathability.


Joey's breathable micro-cell construction allows fresh air to flow in & out freely. It keeps you cool while sleeping and gives you a good sleep. The Zero-Motion Transfer technology isolates any motions on your mattress.


The proprietary in-house foam offers deep pressure relief and ultra-durability.

Well, no doubt Joey mattress is one of the good choices you can make for mattress shopping. However, there should always be a second option that makes your decision even clearer. So, here we are with another mattress option that can be a great choice.   

Origin Mattresses

Origin is a Germany-based mattress company that has recently expanded into Singapore and Malaysia. The Origin Mattress offers a unique combination of highly appealing features and a relaxed and comfortable night's sleep.

People looking for an affordable and comfortable mattress can go no farther than this mattress, which offers exceptional value at a low price. Unlike standard mattresses, which have a single density and support throughout the mattress, this mattress design allows you to sink into the memory foam while being supported by pocket springs deeper in the mattress.

The Origin Hybrid® is made up of six top-notch layers and combines the advantages of many materials in one mattress.

The cooling characteristics of gel-infused memory foam are excellent, as it takes away the body heat. It's one of the most high-quality memory foams on the market. Tencel is also highly breathable and facilitates airflow. The high-density memory foam absorbs movement, while the lower layer's pocket springs further isolate motion, allowing you to sleep soundly even when your companion moves or gets in and out of bed.

Memory foam is exceptionally soft and conforms to your body shape to provide excellent support and pressure relief. A latex layer adds bounce and reaction to the foam. The materials utilized are of the highest grade and have exceptional durability. The multi-layered hybrid construction further enhances durability.

The optimal support and thermoregulation make the Origin mattress a good investment. It provides outstanding value for money. It gives you the luxury of a perfect rest while also keeping your body heat controlled, thanks to its firm yet soft layers of memory foam and pocket springs.

The revolutionary architecture of this mattress allows your body to relax while also relieving pressure. It relieves muscle aches and pains in the lower back and neck.

You get excellent customer service with a free 120-day trial term at an unimaginably low price range.

Compared to Joey Mattresses, Origin Mattresses offer a greater value on the invested amount for different factors such as-

Price Range

While Joey Mattresses are available for RM 1895, you can get an Origin Mattress for merely RM 1840.


While the Joey Mattress is made up of polyurethane foam, which is a low-cost solution, the Origin Mattress is made up of six top-notch layers.

Better Comfort Level

The absence of memory foam or latex makes the Joey Mattress slightly less comfortable than the Origin Mattress, which has both memory foam & latex layers, thereby ensuring a high level of support.


Joey Mattress offers a trial period of 99 nights and a warranty of 10 years. On the other hand, the Origin Mattress comes with a trial period of 120 nights and a warranty period of 15 years, which clearly gives it the upper hand over the Joey Mattress.


A comfortable mattress is an essential part of our everyday life. However, it is not just a sleeping piece! A comfortable mattress matters in our sleep cycle and back health. So, when it comes to selecting one for you, make the right choice.

I have reviewed two popular Malaysian mattress brands regarding their quality, price, value, and comfort level. And I found the Origin Mattress to be a clear winner.

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