Why Natural Latex Mattresses Are Every Sleeper’s All-In-One Solution

Why Natural Latex Mattresses Are Every Sleeper’s All-In-One Solution

The importance of a natural latex mattress 

When it comes to buying a natural latex mattress, there is no need to sleep on it. The perks are endless — natural latex provides body relief, are hypoallergenic, and are organically-friendly. 

Most importantly, you can enjoy these benefits without racking up the bill. Read on to find out why natural latex is fast becoming the preferred choice and how you can score major savings at the end. 

Note: Most mattress bands with ‘natural’ or ‘all-natural’ latex mattresses consist of synthetic materials. If you’re looking for 100% natural latex, make sure to double-check and do your research on the brand first. 


1. Better air circulation - suited for a tropical climate

cooling mattress Singapore

Natural latex with open cell structures is widely popular among Malaysians for its breathability and cooling effects.

Not only does it release body heat while you sleep, but you can avoid mattress off-gassing (a pungent mattress odour from chemical breakdown). 

Most importantly, you no longer have to wake up in sweat-stained sheets.

2. Relieve pressure points

Origin hybrid mattress natural latex

Although memory foam has gained a foothold for its pressure-relieving effects, natural latex doesn’t pale in comparison either.

Both materials provide body relief in different ways — memory foam hugs and contours to your body shape whereas sleepers who prefer firm but supportive mattresses will find natural latex a godsend. 

Tip: If you’re not certain which mattress type is suitable for you, opt for brands with night trials — a form of risk-free purchase that allows customers to try on a mattress for a period of time and without obligations. 

origin natural latex mattress

For example, Origin Mattress Malaysia offers a 120-night trial (that’s 4 months long!). If you’re unsatisfied with your mattress, simply opt for a return and get your money back.

3. Eco-friendly and allergen-free 

rubber sap natural latex

Mattresses made of natural latex are biodegradable and even contribute to the sustainability of rubber plantations.

Sap, the core material natural latex is made from, can be tapped from rubber trees for a staggering 30 years! The end product is a highly durable mattress with a lifespan of up to 12 years

Coupled with the fact that natural latex is hypoallergenic, sleepers with sensitive skin or allergies can sleep with peace of mind.


1. Heavy and difficult to dispose

mattress disposal

Mattresses made of natural latex are extremely heavy and require serious heavy lifting — literally and figuratively.

This is why we recommend mattress brands that offer a bed in a box service. Designed for hassle-free shipping, a rolled-up mattress is compressed into a box and expands into its full size once opened.

Likewise, brands that offer mattress disposal services are a bonus too. Simply leave the flexing to a team of in-house specialists while you busy yourself with your new purchase.

2. Costly

bed singapore
Image adapted from Hindsam Hashi

Along with its slew of benefits, a natural latex-mattress comes with a hefty price tag that even Jessie J might do a double-take.

Prices are easily in the thousands but cost-conscious shoppers have found a great alternative to trump this dilemma — hybrid mattresses with a natural latex layer

Instead of getting a mattress made entirely of natural latex, a hybrid mattress with an additional layering of natural latex is the next best option.

To give you a clearer idea. here’s an example of Origin Hybrid® Mattress’s list of perks: 

Origin Hybrid® Mattress Benefits 
Origin® Airflow Tencel

Origin® Cooling Gel Ventilated Memory Foam
Engineered by Origin’s in-house team of orthopaedic specialists. Provides body support with an optimal firmness of 6.2.

Suited for anyone weighing between 40kg and 120kg.

Increase airflow for a cooling effect. 
Natural Latex Layer Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and durable. 
Edge Guard Design

Origin® Reflex Support Layer
Prevents sagging and provides extra support to relieve pressure points.
Micro Precision Springs™️ Motion isolation — absorbs extra movement as your partner toss and turn in the night.

The solution — hybrid mattresses with a natural latex later

origin hybrid mattress

Your search for a premium mattress shouldn’t be a conflict between comfort and cost. With Origin Hybrid® Mattress, save up to 55% off for a limited time only. 

Topped off with a natural latex layer for a low of $399 (U.P. $699), you won’t have to break the bank for a premium mattress. 

Enjoy these additional perks when you get an Origin Hybrid® Mattress:

  • Hybrid mattress — Natural latex + Cooling Gel Memory Foam + Pocket Springs
  • 10-inch cooling hybrid mattress
  • 120-night trial — Money-back guarantee, no questions asked!
  • Low disturbance mattress
  • Cooling Tencel cover

Check out this comparison guide as we compare Origin to other popular mattress brands in a detailed breakdown.

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