Why You Should Choose a Pocket Spring Mattress over a Bonnell Spring Mattress

Why You Should Choose a Pocket Spring Mattress over a Bonnell Spring Mattress

While many consider innerspring mattresses to be old-fashioned, they are still super popular and widely used! They are bouncy, have good temperature control, are low-cost and are durable. Among the 4 types of springs, the majority feel that pocket springs prove to be the best option. Wondered why? This article will tell you all about pocket spring mattresses, how it differs from the Bonnell spring and why you should choose the pocket spring!

How are they different?

Bonnell spring mattress is considered the most traditional type of innerspring mattress.  It is made of interconnected hourglass-shaped coils with rounded tops. The springs cannot be assembled and disassembled or moved independently. Dated back in the 20th century, the Bonnell spring was used as the base model for many entry-level mattresses.

The pocket spring mattress, on the other hand, contains multiple and individual bags of springs. The coils are barrel-shaped and work separately. The pocket spring mattress is considered to be a more modern, innovative, and customized version of the Bonnell spring.

Now that we have gotten the basics out of the way, let’s talk about the functions of these two.

1. Motion transfer

Bonnell spring mattresses are more motion-sensitive due to their spring interconnection. This means that you are likely able to feel movements from your partner while sleeping. This is a huge problem for light sleepers who get woken up easily.

Pocket spring mattresses do not have this issue. Since all spring pockets work independently, your bedtime buddy will hardly be affected by your movements. Pocket spring mattresses transfer motion minimally to limit partner disturbance.

So if you hate to be disturbed by motions in your sleep, then go for a pocket spring mattress!

2. Body support

This is another aspect where the independent nature of the pocket spring mattresses thrives. Since the spring pockets do not influence each other, the mattress conforms better to the shape of the human body. A 2011 study suggested that pocket springs, the material of the mattress and sleeping positions can influence body pressure distribution. Therefore, selecting a pocket spring mattress could provide you with a pressure-relieving experience and align your spine while you sleep. Additionally, side sleepers would get more benefits from purchasing it will help with your improper spinal alignment.

This is not the case for Bonnell spring mattresses. One common complaint that Bonnell spring users have is that they usually experience discomfort on their lower backs and shoulders. Apparently, this type of mattress was not designed for people with chronic back problems.

3. Air circulation

The less-dense feature that prevents the mattress from trapping body heat is one of the innerspring mattresses’ biggest advantages. The hollow circular shape of the coils possesses the ability to take heat away from the mattress, cooling you in your sleeping.

Both Bonnell spring and pocket spring have relatively similar air circulation ability. However, the Bonnell spring has a slightly weaker cooling effect as the separate spring pockets allow more empty spaces inside the mattress.

4. Bounciness

Pocket spring mattresses are certainly bouncier than the Bonnell spring. It’s mainly because the pressure that Bonnell spring mattresses receive gets distributed radially, resulting in the less dominant rebound factor. So if you take the bouncing effect of your mattress seriously, the pocket spring is the one to go for.

5. Price

Spring mattresses have been in the market for a long time, their prices have been adjusted depending on the manufacturers, distributing companies, or economic reasons. However, spring mattresses are known to be affordable for the majority of buyers.

In comparison, a pocket spring mattress uses newer technology, individual coils and pockets are costlier to make. Hence pocket spring mattresses are definitely on the pricier side. The price range of a pocket spring mattress ranges from RM 500 to RM 1000, while you can get a Bonnell spring mattress for as low as RM 250.

6. Firmness

In general, pocket springs are softer than the Bonnell springs, since they have an extra layer of fabric to cover the coils. Its considerable amount of space in between also contributes to the mattress’ softness.

On the other hand, Bonnell spring mattresses are firm and solid so it really boils down to your preference for a softer or firmer mattress.


Pocket spring mattresses might make you hesitant because of their price tag however it is a far better option that generates a greater return as a long term investment. It has zero motion transfer and wonderful ventilation is softer, bouncier, and supports all body types.

At the end of the day, every mattress purchase is personal. I believe that after reading this article, you have now obtained a bigger and clearer picture of innerspring mattresses! You should have obtained enough knowledge to make a well-thought-out decision. We hope you have found this article helpful! Do check out the other articles we have posted!

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