Ripple Mattress Review 2023 | Everything you should know about Ripple Mattress

Ripple Mattress Review 2023 | Everything you should know about Ripple Mattress

The Ripple mattress is a type of mattress that is either built into or placed on top of a hospital bed. Its purpose is to reduce the pressure at the contact between the patient's skin and the support medium. It accomplishes this by air-pressurizing air cushions which support the patient's contact skin area consistently and alternately.

The ripple mattress is expected to relieve pressure and distribute weight across a large contact area. It was quite comfortable as it was like as if I was instantly relieved of all aches across my body.


The Ripple Mattress is relatively affordable, I found that it costs just 586.29 MYR.

In terms of body support, it is as effective as expected. The bubble Ripple Mattress has only a 7-day return policy and a warranty of just one month. This is quite short for an item that is expected to use for a long time.

Comfort Level

I realized that the thickness of the Ripple mattress is not the best option for Malaysia's weather. More so, the ripple mattress is inflatable and it does not actively relieve pressure.

The Ripple Mattress might work for short term pressure relief, but I can't guarantee it would do the same in the long term.


The Ripple Mattress is relatively easy to clean, this is a result of being made with medical-grade PVC, but the material it is made from is not the best quality for direct contact with the skin. It is best used when an external mattress topper is placed on it. I also found the placement of the hooks to be very inconvenient, as it was prone to be bumped into.


The Ripple Mattress is affordable, but the value is less than what is expected. It is not the best option for long-term use, and other foam mattresses can give better value.


The Ripple Mattress attempts to ease pressure points, however, it is average in terms of providing a cooling effect, the texture of the material it is made from, as well as the lifespan.

With Origin, you get Quality body support, unique and high-quality foam that contours with the body! With a cooling effect that immediately enhanced the quality of sleep, the customer service were very good and the delivery was fast.

Apart from the superb quality of the Origin mattress, the work culture of the brand is praiseworthy.

The company is committed to zero waste, they ensure the materials they use are of the highest quality. Thus they have a longer life span. They never compromise on quality, they are committed to protecting the environment from adverse production effects.

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