The Truth About Sonno Mattresses | Sonno Mattresses Review

The Truth About Sonno Mattresses | Sonno Mattresses Review

If you've been looking for a new mattress, you may have come across Sonno — an Italian design with a competitively low starting price of $399. Although the Malaysian start-up is only a few years old, it has already won the Superbrands award in 2019.

With appealing packages like free shipping, delivery in a box, a 100-day trial, and free return, it's easy to see why Malaysians are excited about the start-up. They have since expanded into Singapore, and you may be wondering how Sonno stacks up against other prestigious mattress brands in the city-state.

In this article, we will share the findings of our tests on the Sonno Mattress. Continue reading to find out if Sonno is worth the hype.


Sonno's one mission since they started in 2017 is to assist people in sleeping well and living better. It is well known that quality sleep does great good to human physical and mental health.

Sonno started by designing a mattress that would be loved so much at first sight and feel. So, the traditional mattress business model was interrupted to give customers an affordable high-end mattress.

Presently, they offer various sleep accessories in Singapore and Malaysia. Their products are also sold online and in stores. Their products which are designed in Italy and manufactured in Malaysia are passed directly to the users. This way, mattresses of high quality can be offered at competitive prices without any issue. They have nice packages like delivery in a box, easy returns, and a trial for 100 days.

Even though they just started a few years ago, they've grasped the Superbrands award in the local scene in 2019.

Benefits of Sonno Mattress

Sonno manufactured a variety of products which include beds, pillows, mattress toppers, mattresses. Their mattresses are of two types - the Sonno Original and Sonno Lite. They are both medium-firm and 6 to 7 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being very soft and 10, very hard. They can dissipate movement completely. Very good for couples who may have different sleeping habits. The revolutionary motion transfer technology makes sure that if one person moves a lot while sleeping, the other can continue to rest without being disturbed, unaware.

With Sonno mattresses, you get unequal support of a steady mattress with the splendid comfort given by a medium-firm pillow top. They allow maximum airflow which assists you in sleeping comfortably without sweating. No springs are attached to them. This helps the mattresses to provide spinal support and minimal pressure points. It also causes a reduction in muscle and shoulder aches. Their foam layers are supportive which ensures that there is proper weight distribution across the whole mattress. Sonno mattresses are specially designed in a way that they regulate temperature and heat proactively for optimal thermal comfort.

Although both Sonno Original and Lite have things in common, they still have some differences:

  • The Sonno Lite mattress is two premium foam layers while the Original is a hybrid foam structure of three layers.
  • Sonno Lite is a 4cm Memory foam, 14cm high resilience support foam. But for the Original, it is 100% Malaysian Latex, Memory foam, and supports foam.
  • When it comes to the cover, the Sonno lite mattress has a soft knitted fabric cover that feels delicately soft and still highly breathable. While the Original has an ultra-soft premium cover that can be removed. It gives comfort, flexibility, and stretchability.



  • Affordable: Sonno puts the community in mind no matter their financial status. Their mattresses are fast selling because of that.
  • The nearest in price to Sonno is Noa mattresses which are a few Ringgit cheaper.


The mattresses are long-lasting. Sonno even offers 100 days trial. The customers can try what they want to purchase for 100 days before paying for it. This is done because they have confidence in what is offered. The quality of the mattresses. It's outstanding.

The mattresses are made with a combination of the best materials which include 100% Malaysian latex, support foam, and memory foam. These materials make them last ten years and more. They make you feel refreshed after a good night's sleep.

They are the only mattresses in the world constructed and designed for the modern bedroom.

Comfort level

The mattresses give weightless comfort through their highly adaptive foam. It is so soft that you will feel as if you are sleeping on a fluffy cloud.

In terms of the satisfaction of customers, Sonno is a go-getter with no extra charge. Customers can even make a return of their purchased mattress if not satisfied. But the return can only be made after 25 days.

Sonno mattresses boast cooling effects. With them, you can't wake up sweaty in the night.


Compared to other mattresses, Sonno is of a high value. But with that, they are of an almost unbelievable and very low price.

Another Possibly Better Alternative to Sonno Mattresses

Origin mattresses also is a great brand. They make comfort a top priority by making use of memory foam which contours the shape of your body and cause a reduction in body aches. The design is of 3 layers similar to the Sonno mattresses. The natural latex on the third layer is of great advantage to people with allergies or sensitive noses.

Origin contains Micro Precision springs which give the mattresses a bounce that lasts long.

Here are some reasons why you should get Origin Hybrid Mattress

Origin is better than Sonno as the former comes with a natural latex layer for the same price as the latter.

Origin mattresses have additional layers that Sonno does not include. They are reflex support layer, innovative edge support system, and Airflow Tencel. The Origin Airflow Tencel does not give room for heat. It contains hypoallergenic and exclusive heat-proof features and a breathable premium surface that releases heat throughout the night. For cooler sleep, Origin makes use of cooling gel-infused memory foam which removes body heat. The double the coolness of the mattress, the double the comfort.

With the kinetic-free motion memory foam that comes with Origin mattresses, the sleeper can toss and turn and still get a nice sleep.

Origin Hybrid makes use of individually pocketed springs known as Ergo Coil Support Springs in place of foam. The springs adjust immediately to all body shapes and movements, offering the feeling of support without pressure.

Lasts longer than traditional mattresses. Its lifespan is about ten to twenty years. The materials used are of high quality, durable also. Its multi-layered hybrid construction gives more strength to its durability. It is also more affordable. Origin mattress is considered a good investment for good sleep.

It has the longest trial period in Malaysia (120 nights). Compared to Sonno which has ten years warranty, Origin mattress has fifteen years warranty. Origin mattress delivers and makes returns free to both East and West Malaysia.

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