Joey vs Sonno | Tough Time Deciding?

Joey vs Sonno | Tough Time Deciding?

Having a night of good sleep on a good and comfortable mattress is one of the top priorities of a person who reaches home after a tiring day of work. The lovely and comfortable beds with comfortable mattresses play their part here.

This is a comparison between the two top brands of the mattress manufacturing companies, i.e., Joey and Sonno. Both of these brands produce high-quality mattresses at fair prices.

But, when it comes to the comparison, there is a definite competitive advantage of one brand over the other. This advantage comes in the sense of price, quality, comfort, and value, the primary deciding factors for purchasing a product.

In this article, you will get a detailed overview of the product specifications and all the associated factors of the Joey Mattress and Sonno Mattress. In the end, you will also get a fair result of the best mattress choice that comes after my personal experiences, research, and analysis.

Product Specifications:

Joey Mattress

As per the design, manufacturing, construction, and measurements, Joey Mattress comes with the following specifications:


The design and manufacturing processes of Joey Mattress are done in the following locations:

Design: Malaysia

Manufacturing: Malaysia


Joey Mattress is constructed of the following sections:

The Core:

Comfort Layer

Support Layer

The Cover:

Top Knit

Border Fabric

Underside Fabric



CertiPUR-US: Yes

Customer Satisfaction:

Joey Mattress gives the following give-aways for customer satisfaction:

  • A 99-night risk-free trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Free home delivery
  • Free return

Sonno Mattress

Sonno Mattress differs from Joey Mattress in the product specification as per the design, manufacturing, construction, and measurements.


The design and manufacturing processes of Sonno Mattress are done in the following locations:

  • Design: Italy
  • Manufacturing: Malaysia

Product Types:

Sonno offers the mattresses in the following two types:

  • Original
  • Lite


Sonno Mattress is constructed of the following different layers.

The Cover

Top knit cover

Border fabric

Underside fabric

The Core

Memory Foam

Support Foam



CertiPUR-US: Yes

Customer Satisfaction:

As per customer satisfaction, Sonno mattress offers the following facilities for the contentment of the customers on their products:

  • Free delivery
  • Free returns
  • 100-night risk-free trial
  • 10-year warranty

Associated Factors:

When it comes to the associated factors of the product, I noticed the following details as per the price, quality, comfort level, and value of the product.


While comparing the affordability of the products, both products offer competitive market prices with good quality. In terms of affordability, there are the following differences between the mattresses manufactured by Joey and Sonno.

Joey Mattress

The price of ‘queen size’ Joey Mattress is 2095 Malaysian Ringgits. The purchase prices of all the different mattress sizes of Joey are the following:

  • Single: RM 1,350
  • Super Single: RM 1,695
  • Queen: RM 2,095
  • King: RM 2,595

Sonno Mattress

The price of the ‘queen size’ Sonno Mattress is 2499 Malaysian Ringgits. The purchase prices of different mattress sizes of Origin are given below:

  • Single: RM 1,699
  • Super Single: RM 1,999
  • Queen: RM 2,499
  • King: RM 2,999
  • Quality:

Comparing the quality of Joey and Sonno:

Joey Mattress:

Mattress Type: All Foam

The mattress is constructed entirely of foam with two layers: the 8 CM J-Foam Comfort Foam and the 15 CM high-resilience J-Foam Comfort Support.

Mattress Cover:

The mattress cover is super-soft and comprises 100% natural knit fabric, 68% polyester, and 32% viscose.

Mattress Support:

The mattress is engineered with Malaysia's preferred 'medium firmness'. The product comes at 6/10 on the mattress firmness scale. It is designed so that both the back sleeper and side sleeper can use them efficiently. The balance of softness and support that the mattress offers helps you align your body comfortably.

Mattress Hygiene & Environmental Factors:

Joey Mattress is free of any toxic chemicals and environmental pollutants like ozone depletion. So, the mattress is good for your health as well as the environment.

  • Dust mite protection

If you are allergic to dust mites, this pillow won't be a problem. This mattress will not catch mites. The mattress is manufactured with dust repellent for this purpose.

  • Sonno Mattress:
    • Mattress Type: Latex and Memory Foam
    • Mattress Layers:
4 layers of the Sonno mattress

Sonno Mattress comprises three layers of hybrid-foam structure, namely: 2 cm 100% natural Malaysian Latex, 5 cm Memory Foam, and the 16 cm Support Foam. Sonno is better than Joey in this area.

Mattress Cover:

The cover is composed of an ultra-soft and removable premium cover. It provided me with the benefits of the mattress cover like stretch, comfort, and flexibility. It is beautifully breathable and easily removable for cleaning purposes.

Mattress Support:

It is composed of exemplary support of the firm mattress, together with the pillow top having medium firmness. The mattress was able to contour and support your entire body. It supports the natural posture of the spine and adjusts according to it, causing you no back pain.

Mattress Hygiene & Environmental Factors:

The Sonno Mattress has been manufactured without any harmful material for your health and the environment. It is manufactured without any ozone depletes, heavy metals, and VOCs.

Dust mite protection:

The Sonno Mattress has been manufactured without any harmful material for your health and the environment. It is manufactured without any ozone depletes, heavy metals, and VOCs.


The comfort levels offered by both mattresses are very promising. Although both Joey and Sonno offer good comfort options in their products, in this comparison Sonno is better than Joey. The main factors for this result are discussed below.

Joey Mattress:

The cool design, i.e., the breathable micro-cell foam structure of the mattress, allows you to get the continuous flow of air in and out of bed and gives me a good night's sleep.

The right firmness provides you with head-to-toe support and the right balance of the firmness and softness of the mattress, giving you the advantage to use it for a good night's sleep. It also offers you the benefit of sleeping right regardless of whether you are a side sleeper or back sleeper.

The zero-motion transfer of the mattress offers you undisturbed sleep, helping you sleep restlessly with your overly restless spouse.

The modern engineering of the mattress allows you to get good bounciness, improved breathability, high-pressure relief, and good durability.

Sonno Mattress

The natural hypoallergenic latex of the mattress gives me freedom from any allergies that I can encounter. This feature of Sonno is better than that of Joey.

The zero-disturbance technology of Sonno Mattress offers me relief from restless sleep and allows me to have undisturbed good rest with my restless spouse.

The open-cell design of the mattress gives me good breathability during my night's sleep and keeps me fresh throughout the night.

The right firmness and bounciness of the mattress provide you with the freedom for the sleeping positions (side sleeping and back sleeping). Other than that, it has not caused their customers any issues regarding the spinal adjustments, pressure point pain, and other discomforts in their sleep. We rate the experience of Sonno better than Joey's.


Other than the product specifications and quality factors, we will also go through the characteristics offered by both companies regarding the product's value. Let's make a comparison between the two products.


In terms of affordability, Joey Mattress comes at a higher position than Sonno Mattress. Joey sells its 'queen size' mattress at 2095 Malaysian Ringgits. Whereas Sonno is selling their 'queen size' product of Sonno Original at the rate of 2499 Malaysian Ringgits.

If you look at the price alone, Joey is the better option. But, as per our testers' experience and the combination of quality and price parameters, Sonno will be the better option.


In terms of convenience in delivery, trial period, return policy, and warranty, both the companies offer a good deal. But compared with each other, Sonno will always be the better option for us as it gives more added benefits to its products than Joey.

Let us have a comparison between the convenience offered by both the companies.

Joey Mattress:

Joey Mattress + Packaging

They offer the following benefits in terms of convenience:

  • 99-night risk-free trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Free home delivery at your doorstep (delivery within the next day)
  • Free returns (For West Malaysia only)          

Sonno Mattress offers the following benefits in terms of convenience:

  • 100-night risk-free trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Free home delivery at your doorstep (delivery with 2 to 5 working days)
  • Free returns

Even better option:

We were hoping you could make the best choice and learn from the experiences. So, after the comparative analysis of these two mattresses, we will bring your attention to its third competitor, i.e., Origin. The quality, affordability, comfort level, and customer value of Origin Mattress are unrivalled.

These six key points in this regard will leave you impressed.

  • 120-night free trial
  • Hybrid Mattress
  • 15 years warranty
  • Free delivery and returns
  • 5-star user rating
  • Six core layers supported by micro spring covers

Given the brief competitive advantage of Origin over Sonno and Joey, it is a strong recommendation from us that you must go for Origin Mattress when you are trying to decide between these mattress options.


Given the detailed analysis of all the associated parameters of Joey Mattress and Sonno Mattress, there is not a considerable divergence between the quality, price, comfort level, and value of the products they are offering. Out of these two, Sonno is the better option.

The reason behind our bias is that though Joey and Sonno are creating good quality mattresses, Origin covers the collective parameters of price, better quality, comfort, and value more efficiently than these options. This reason gives Origin Mattress a competitive edge over Joey Mattress and Sonno Mattress.

So, if we suggest you choose between these three brands, we will go with the Origin Mattress as the better option. The better foam, more trial period, better technology, and even better comfort level is the hallmark of Sonno Mattress.

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