5 Space-Saving Beds in 2023 (For Your Tiny Living Quarters)

5 Space-Saving Beds in 2023 (For Your Tiny Living Quarters)

Is your bed taking up all the space in your bedroom? Then it's about time we let you in on a furnishing secret that could just help you with your bulky-bed problem. Behold! Space-saving beds, a revolutionary design that will do the trick of uncovering all the vacant room you actually own. We, the sleep experts, would never recommend a tacky old-fashioned futon-like bed so stick around to check out some modern contemporary space-saving beds. 

Space-saving furniture has become all the rage in our no-nonsense minimalist society because of its easy accessibility, usability and prominence. Most space-saving beds are either multifunctional or can be simply moved out of the way. These beds are particularly convenient for those already staying or set on moving into a small residence. Now to the reason that you’re here for, here are 5 ingenious space-saving beds that will undoubtedly upgrade your crampy living area. 

Kelly Space Saving Sofa Bed

This versatile sofa bed can be transformed into a reclining single-seater sofa, a single bed or a bench in just a few steps. Built to be adjustable, the Kelly sofa bed was constructed with a sturdy solid metal frame that enables it to support a great deal of weight in its different set ups.

The sofa bed is made of high density foam and polypropylene cotton, making it a medium firm type of foam bed. It is draped in a high-quality faux linen cotton that comprises strong magnets to keep the cover fastened even as it shapeshifts into its different functions. Its 95 by 188 centimetre dimension can fit into small corners of your bedroom or studio apartment and since it doubles as an armchair and  an upholstered bed, you can save even more space without having to surrender the requisite of having both options.The selection of dusky chromatic colours of this sofa bed pieces together perfectly with its simple yet aesthetic design. 

Price: RM1680 

Murano Wall Bed 

Feast your eyes on the icon that pioneered the uproar of space-saving furniture! Wall beds are contrived to utilise the vertical space of bare areas on your walls. Alas, wall beds are uncommon in Malaysia and only a few are readily available. Among the scarce options, the Murano Wall bed is a cut above the rest. Despite its steep price, the Murano Wall Bed features facets that substantiates its lavish price tag.

The wall bed system comes with an anti-rust wooden slats base that is hardy enough to withstand weights of up to 200 kilograms. It also comes with a washable headboard and nylon straps to brace the mattress as it is heaved in and hauled out the wall. The Murano wall bed is exceptionally resilient given that its lift system is that of a compressed air mechanism manufactured in Europe itself.

Compressed air mechanism wall beds are distinctly impervious against wear and tear as opposed to hydraulic or spring mechanisms since it uses gas pressure to lift and lower the bed. This wall bed also comes with a soft opening and closing system that prevents the edges of the bed from becoming a battered mess. And don't you worry about the Murano bed unexpectedly coming undone considering its safety point mechanism that secures the bed in its vertical position. The Murano Wall Bed is the only customizable bed presented in the line-up, making it a value for money. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single: RM10,856.30 

Queen: RM12,165.30

King: RM12, 473.30

Pricorn Loft Single Size Metal Bed Frame 

Loft beds are the next best thing to wall beds and we’ve scoured the net to pick an incomparable loft bed that was built with minimization in mind. The Pricorn loft bed is ideal for smaller bedrooms that are limited in space and one-bedroom studio apartments because of its towering stature. By simply rearranging your sofa or workstation to fit beneath the elevated loft bed, your cramped up room will appear less unconfined and substantially more organized.

Unlike the many gaudy loft bed designs on the market, the Pricorn loft bed is stylized for the everyday minimalist. Its intrinsic yet modish design is not only easy to the eye but has been constructed to be impervious against any unforeseen blunders. The bed frame is made up of high-grade thick steel that has undergone powder coating, a finishing process that prevents the development of rust. The durable bed railing and beam on the Pricorn loft bed are especially robust and thicker in diameter to keep you snug and safe as you lay hoisted up in the air. The Pricorn loft bed is available in 2 achromatic shades, black and white that would look stunning in just about any room. 

Price: RM1059

IKEA UTÅKER Pine Wood Stackable Bed 

The UTÅKER stackable bed is a makeshift bed that can be arranged into a single, twin or double bed, it can also be stacked over each other to make a sofa bench. Its compact design is ideal for tight spaces or low-ceiling rooms, allowing you to make the most out of the uncovered areas in your home. It functions as a stackable bed because of the tiny appendages on the upper bed that you simply slot into the holes on the lower bed.

The UTÅKER Stackable Bed is crafted with sustainable untreated pine wood, resulting in the lightweight nature of the bed so you won't have to jostle it in place. This stackable bed is perfect for when your guests are planning to stay the night or if you’re looking to broaden the space in your children’s bedroom. 

Price: RM750 for 2 pieces 

Getha Leaf Bed Frame 

Maximize the space in your bedroom with the Getha Leaf Bed Frame that duals as a storage compartment. This metal-free bed is fitted with plush padded cushions and enfolded in a velvety fabric that furnishes it with an elegant quality. The simple design of the Getha Leaf Bed Frame was contrived to accessorize with any mattress or bedding.

It was engineered to serve as a heavy-duty bed and a liftable storage space unit. The storage space can easily be lifted to store your goods for safekeeping or you can opt for the motorized model to mechanically control the bed’s hatches. Available in quintessential neutral colors brown and beige, the Getha Leaf Bed Frame will spruce up your bedroom to look far more refined and decluttered. 

Prices and Sizing:

Queen Without Motor: RM3439.20

Queen With Motor: RM4339.20

King Without Motor: RM4079.20

King With Motor: RM4979.20

Now that you know which space-saving beds are the best of the bunch, you will need a reputable mattress to go with some of the beds in the compilation and we’ve got just the one! 

Meet the Ultimate Mattress 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress has been recognized as a flawless mattress that optimally does it all, from regulating your body temperature to safeguarding your back as you sleep. Its natural latex layer gently cradles you whereas the firm memory foam layer steadily supports and alleviates pressure points on the body. To further corroborate the Origin Hybrid Mattress, it has been ranked #1 as the Top Mattress Brand in Malaysia by Trusted Malaysia and named the Best Hybrid Mattress in Malaysia 2022 by TechRakyat. This ultimate mattress is fabricated in a single, super single, queen and king size, so you don’t have to stress about the Origin Hybrid Mattress not being able to fit on the bed frame you have your eye on. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single: RM1,225

Super Single: RM1,531

Queen: RM1,839

King: RM2,487

We hope we have been of some help in your search for the perfect space-saving bed! Be on the lookout for more tips, guides and findings to transform your bedroom into sleep heaven.

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