Vono SpinePro Mattress Series 2023 Review | Buyer's Guide | Origin vs Vono

Vono SpinePro Mattress Series 2023 Review | Buyer's Guide | Origin vs Vono

Vono has received international recognition for its exclusive and technologically advanced mattresses that have been known to reduce back pains. The renowned brand originated from the United Kingdom and has been an expert mattress manufacturer since 1896.

Their mattresses are designed with Intalok Springing System, a progressive British technological breakthrough that permits their mattresses to map the contours of the body all the while supporting body weight.

Being already famed for its spine-supporting mattresses, the prominent brand takes it a notch up by releasing a SpinePro Mattress series that is designed with the utmost curation for those who suffer from intense back pain, the new series is said to be the solution to all those nights you spent tossing and turning in your bed.

What is the Vono SpinePro Series all about?

Ever found yourself in aches and pains even after long hours of sleep? Well, the Vono SpinePro Series was carefully designed to provide orthopedic surge support for those suffering neck, back and spinal alignment-related postural problems. 

Vono has been built on a foundational mission to design bedding products that provide more than just back care. Being well-versed specialists in the area of back care, the brand took it upon itself to create a range of bedding products that eliminate the problem.

Recent statistics compiled by TheGoodBody show that 540 million people across the world are affected by back pain at any one time. Little do many know, the cause of your never-ending back ache could most likely be caused by that mattress you fall asleep on every night. Yes, sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause and even worsen back or neck pains.

With this in mind, Vono launched the SpinePro Series in 2014 to provide its consumers with an array of quality innovative and luxurious mattresses that exceptionally target neck and back issues. The SpinePro Series includes - SpinePro 800, SpinePro 800 Plus, SpinePro 1200, and the SpinePro 1200 Plus.

Resilience for a restful snoozefest

The SpinePro series has been manufactured with high resilience PU form which has been known to have higher responsive action than memory foam. Due to its slow responsiveness, the SpinePro Series mattresses are able to conform to body contours far better.


Spring in your step

Absolute only to Vono mattresses, the SpinePro Series features an advanced version of their Intalok Springing System. The system is made up of high-tensile steel wires that consist of either 800 or 1200 spring units, prompting different firmness levels to your liking. Vono’s Intalok Springing System grants more durable and pliable mattresses, perfect for those needing better support as they drift off to dreamland.

Supporting your spine

The mattresses in the SpinePro Series come with ultra lumbar and enhanced back support which provides appropriate and much-needed support while you sleep, preventing knots, aches and pains in sensitive areas such as the spine, neck and lower back.

Guarding you while you snooze

Enjoy both comfort and safety while you sleep on any one of the mattresses in the SpinePro Series line for each of their facets has Exclusive Silverguard-treated fabric. The mattresses are treated to prevent the infestation of mold, dust mites, bacteria, allergens and fungus, thus minimizing the risk of allergies, asthma, eczema and rhinitis.

Pick and choose your needs

Adding even more support as you sleep, the SpinePro 800 and the SpinePro 1200 are non-flip mattresses that are built from the ground up with a supportive layer at the bottom followed by the high resilience PU foam and the Exclusive Silverguard treated fabric. 

These non-reversible mattresses are much sturdier as compared to flippable mattresses and have been known to sturdily support users even as lurch across the mattress.

Did you know that the average human body accumulates up to 30,000 volts of negative electrons that lead to friction or better known as static electricity?

Static electricity could lead to endless slight effects such as stress, anxiety and even difficulty sleeping. The SpinePro 800 Plus and the SpinePro 1200 Plus mattresses are devised as anti-static mattresses that can help reduce those 30,000 volts of static electricity to a mere 4,000 volts, giving you a better night’s sleep.

Size and specifications

The Vono SpinePro Series comes in 4 sizes:

  • Single (92cm x 190cm)
  • Super Single (107cm x 190cm)
  • Queen (152cm x 190cm)
  • King (182cm x 190cm)


  • Single – RM1,299
  • Super single – RM1,499
  • Queen – RM1,899
  • King – RM2,299 

Payment plans

Buyers can choose an installment plan via Atome when purchasing any of the mattresses on the Vono website.


Vono offers customers 15 years of warranty.

Brands Vono Origin
Mattress type PU Foam Hybrid (memory foam + natural latex)
Layers 4 6
Height 11.5 inches 9.8 inches
Warranty 15 Years 15 Years
Motion isolation
Natural latex X
Risk-free trial X 120 days
Price (Queen) RM1899 RM1839
Free returns X

Making the switch to another incredible alternative


Are you wondering if there is a better, more wow-induced choice? Origin Sleep might be the one for you if that is the case. Origin Sleep is a German mattress company that has made its wonderful way into the states of Malaysia and Singapore. 

The Origin Hybrid mattress has more impactful features and advanced technology that could drive you into a state of bliss once your head hits the pillow and er, more specifically, the mattress.

What Origin mattress offers

Origin mattress offers 6 layers of unparalleled comfort that is so luxurious, you forget you’re sleeping in your own home. You will get abundant access to the highest quality materials in the market - memory foam, pocket springs, and latex - all combined into one perfect mattress.

Origin mattress is designed with Malaysians in mind. Not only does it provide optimal spinal alignment and relief, it is also created with a unique cooling technology that is in favor of Malaysia's unpredictable (mostly hot) climate. 

The cooling characteristics of its gel-infused memory foam are impeccable, as it takes away the body heat and gives you a cooling sensation. You can now enjoy a seamless sleep without having to worry about night sweats!



  • Single – RM1,225
  • Super single – RM1,531
  • Queen – RM1,839
  • King – RM2,487 

Outstanding performance

The absence of memory foam and additional layers makes the Vono mattress less impressive than the Origin mattress, giving the latter a significant advantage in comparison. 

Memory foam is exceptionally soft and conforms to your body shape in order to give excellent support and pressure relief. A latex layer adds bounce and reaction to the foam. The materials utilized are of the highest grade, ensuring quality sleep. Furthermore, the multi-layered hybrid construction further enhances durability. 


In comparison, the Origin Hybrid mattress far outweighs the Vono SpinePro mattress by many excellent factors. You get brilliantly efficient customer service and a free 120-day trial

Nothing can beat that offer and I encourage you to check out what Origin has to offer. I can guarantee that you will have no regrets purchasing the Origin mattress, other than blissfully peaceful, uninterrupted

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