5 Best Dakimakuras in Malaysia 2023

5 Best Dakimakuras in Malaysia 2023

Have you ever woken up from a restful slumber only to find your back in knots and aches in places you didn’t even think was possible? Well then, it looks like you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the Utopia of all things sleep where our sleep experts will send you on your way to the Land of Nod with indispensable fundamentals to turn your dull bedroom into a sleep paradise.

What Is A Dakimakura?

A dakimakura is a large body-length pillow that is often used as a source of solace. Traditionally, these pillows come with a printed design of an anime character hence its other common name, waifu pillow. Dakimakura directly translates to hug pillow, daki (抱き) which means to embrace and makura (枕) which literally means pillow. Ever since the popularisation of Japanese culture across the globe, dakimakuras have become a demand among Malaysians, just without the design. 

The Benefits Of Sleeping With A Body Pillow

A body pillow or a dakimakura can be beneficial as it helps distribute your body weight evenly, taking the pressure off your joints. It also improves your body and spinal posture since it encourages you to sleep on your side, aligning the back, head and neck in a way that alleviates the pains and aches that you normally wake up with. 

As side sleeping is known to be the optimal position for sleep, a body pillow that enables you to sleep comfortably on your side can be especially favorable for those who tend to snore throughout the night as the elevation keeps the airway clear and open. By hugging the top of the body pillow and placing the bottom half between your knees, it’ll reduce the pressure on your hips and legs. You can correspondingly place another body pillow behind your back to bolster your spine and maintain its posture while you catch some Z’s.

The body pillow also works as a sleep aid for injury recovery and comes in handy as additional support for when you’re pregnant. Sounds like a dream? Then, keep on reading to check out some of the best dakimakuras you can snag in Malaysia. 

Snowdown Down Alternative Microfiber Body Pillow

This body pillow is filled with 100% ultra-fine microfiber which makes it virtually weightless and highly insulated. So you can expect this featherlight pillow to keep your body temperature regulated throughout cold chilly nights and keep you sweat-free during typical scorching Malaysian weather. The microfiber fill gives the pillow its medium-firm feel that not only cushions and elevates delicate areas of your body but also fixes them in a secure position to prevent you from waking up with distressing cramps. 

Since the Snowdown Down Alternative Microfiber Body Pillow uses microfiber in its filling, this down-free fill pillow is hypoallergenic and mimics the softness of a down-filled or feather-filled pillow. Its hypoallergenic quality keeps dust mites and mold from inhibiting on or within the pillow, fending off allergens that can be a nuisance for those who are allergy-sensitive. 

This pillow also features a Sanitized® hygiene function that acts as a second barrier against invisible invaders. Completely launderable and adequately long, the Snowdown Down Alternative Microfiber Body Pillow will be a great pain-relief accessory for a sound slumber. 

Price and Sizing:

[152 CM (L) x 45 CM (W)] - RM399

Phiten Star Series Shiatsu Body Pillow

This ideal body pillow was designed specifically to support the natural curvature of the spine and the sensitive stretch of joints on the body, making it the perfect cuddle companion. Co-developed with a chiropractor and infused with Phiten® patented AQUA Gold® Technology, its 3-dimensional plushy structure remains unaltered use after use. 

Its superfine polystyrene beads and urethane foam in the Phiten Star Series Shiatsu Body Pillow give it a  marshmallow-like texture that will have you sinking into it as it reduces the constraints on the pressure points in your joints. Its purposeful unsymmetrical shape follows the contours of your body, firmly upholding them in place and encouraging you to settle into the side-sleeping position comfortably. 

Another distinctive detail of the Phiten Star Series Shiatsu Body Pillow is the ‘ear hole’ that will help take the pressure of your ears and head as you lay down. Made in Japan itself, you can bet your bottom dollar that this dakimakura will be of genuine quality. 

Price and Sizing:

[120 CM (L) x 53CM (W)] - RM1080

Dream Away Body Bean Pillow

Get extra support for your back and lower body with the Dream Away Body Bean Pillow. It is filled with polyester fiber which influences the firmness and feel of this body pillow. Just like the Snowdown Down Alternative Microfiber Body Pillow, this down-free filled pillow is also hypoallergenic thus being another great option for those who suffer from allergies. 

The somewhat moldable quality of the  Dream Away Body Bean Pillow compresses just enough to elevate your head, hips and lower back from exerting pressure on the bed, saving you from those tormenting aches in the morning. The body pillow’s bean-like shape is suited for pregnant women and side sleepers. This exemplary body pillow is fitted in a 100% cotton cover that is designed to draw any moisture from your skin so you won’t have to worry about leaving a patch of sweat on your bed. 

The breathability of the pillow will also help suppress that stuffy feeling you tend to experience when laying on a pillow for too long. As the firmest option among the bunch, the Dream Away Body Bean Pillow is made for those who disfavor that feeling of being engulfed. 

Price and Sizing:

[148 CM (L) x 42 (W)] - RM130

OraBody Adjustable Body Pillow

The OraBody Adjustable Body Pillow was devised to be a standard body pillow that fits everyone. This is achieved because of its cool gel shredded memory foam fill which permits the shaping ability, adjustability and breathability of the pillow to alter to your preference. The shredded memory foam enables the pillow to customize itself to any sleeping position and shape to curvatures of the body. 

The OraBody Adjustable Body Pillow uses CertiPUR-US® certified blue-gel infused shredded memory foam for its non-toxic, hypoallergenic and cooling qualities. This pillow is encased with a NanoBAMBOO™ pillowcase made up of organic-certified & sustainably sourced bamboo fiber. 

The pillowcase complements the dense OraBody Adjustable Body Pillow with its ultra-soft cushy texture. The OraBody Adjustable Body Pillow is literally made for you so if you’re in search of a pillow that will undoubtedly adjust to your sleep needs then this is the body pillow for you. Ora Bedding even offers a 30-night trial for you to put the OraBody Adjustable Body Pillow to the test.

Price and Sizing:

[127 CM (L) x 45 (W)] - RM331

Nitori Head Support Body Pillow 

This ‘P’ shaped body pillow is created especially for side sleepers, providing elevated support from head to toe. Its polyester fill contributes to the rigid yet compressible surface of this pillow. The main body of the Nitori Head Support Body Pillow serves the purpose of being a huggable bolster that also doubles as a lower body support by placing it between your knees. Whereas the head of the body pillow protrudes in a way to comfortably prop your head on as you clutch onto it.  

The only downside of the Nitori Head Support Body Pillow is that it isn’t washable which can be a bit of a hassle having to replace it from time to time in order to retain the sanitation of your bed. 

Price and Sizing:

[115 CM (L) x 45 (W)] - RM99.90

On the contrary, if body pillows or dakimakuras aren’t really your thing and you would much rather prefer a regular pillow that does everything a body pillow can and more, then we got just the pillow you have in mind. 

Meet The Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow

As you may already know, latex is the holy grail of materials for mattresses or pillows because of its medium-firm texture. The Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow gives you the best of both worlds and comes with a whole lot more much-needed features such as breathability, moldability and temperature regulation. 

This hypoallergenic pillow not only keeps allergy-inducing pests away but also comes through with its durability so you can sleep safe and sound without worrying about your pillow sagging or losing its shape anytime soon. Besides cradling your head and shoulders, the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow can also be placed behind your back or in between your legs to alleviate the pressure points on these sensitive areas. This exceptional pillow is just as effective as a pain-relieving accessory as it is the perfect cuddle buddy.

Price and Sizing:

[65 CM (L) x 40 CM (W)] - RM400

Well now that you know where to get your hands on the best body pillows and a prime option of a regular pillow for the non-believers, we bid you a good night’s rest that is oh-so blissful!

If you want to experience laying your head on a frosty cloud, then click here to check out the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow and other amazing products.

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