Joey Pillow Review 2023 | Things you need to consider

Joey Pillow Review 2023 | Things you need to consider

Coming home from a tiring day of work makes me look for a nice place to take some rest and relieve all my fatigue with a good night’s sleep! The first thing that I want is a cosy and comfortable mattress to lie on. The next thing is to have a comfortable pillow that adequately supports my head and shoulders. Together the right pillow must support my neck and all the sleeping positions.

When it comes to the correct requirements for selecting the right product, Joey Pillow gives a lot of added benefits to help me get the right product, ensuring the quality, comfort, affordability, and value of the pillow as per the high standards of requirements.

This read provides a brief overview of the factors related to the price and product specifications of the pillow products offered by Joey Pillow, which I considered while I was going to buy the product. It also provides the reason behind Joey Pillow being the best choice for the purpose.

Product Description:

The Joey Pillow’ is a top-quality product that offers a one-of-its-kind experience regarding quality, price, comfort level, and customer satisfaction.

The product offers a unique pillow in its specifications and is customized for the suitable parameters giving the specific experiences when they are brought to use.

The product specification of The Joey Pillow includes:

  • Length: 62 CM
  • Height:

The height of this product has the following measurements:

  • Tall End: 12 CM
    • Short End: 10 CM
  • Width: 42 CM
  • Weight: 1.5 KG

The construction of the pillow includes the following specifications:

  • The Cover: Premium quality, not washable
  • The Core: Premium Malaysian Latex with Polyester Covering

The top give-aways of the pillow offered by the company regarding customer satisfaction include the following specifications:

  • Nationwide free delivery
  • Free returns
  • 99-night risk-free trial
  • 2-year warranty

Associated Factors:

The factors that are considered by the customer when the selection of correct choice of pillow comes into consideration include the following:


The price of Joey Pillow, compared to its competitors, is unique and very affordable. The premium quality latex Joey Pillow price is just 185 Malaysian Ringgits. It is worth mentioning that this price comes with a 99-night risk-free trial and a 2-year warranty.

When it comes to the price, quality, comfort level, and value offered by Joey Pillow, this product delivers!

Joey Pillow sold me the mattress at half the usual market price by incorporating the free delivery at doorstep options, eliminating the middlemen and showrooms.


The top priority when the idea of buying a product comes to a customer’s mind is the quality that a particular product is offering. The customer considers the quality of the material, design, and environmental and health factors.

The principle employed by Joey Pillow in terms of quality is ensured to give this pillow the premium quality levels, meeting the customer satisfaction level and the market standards that are the demands of the customer.

Made with the best material:

The best and most high-quality material has been used when it comes to manufacturing the pillow. Joey Pillow is made with 100% natural Grade-A latex. In short, it is a premium full-latex pillow that ensures premium quality as per the material.

Efficient Design:

The design of the pillow manufactured by Joey incorporates efficient design principles. The pillow is ergonomically designed for both the back and side sleepers. The pillow includes the following two curves:

  • 12 CM curve
  • 10 CM curve

These curves ensure that my neck and shoulder are properly supported regardless of my sleeping style and position.

Instant supportive rebound:

The 100% natural Grade-A latex is engineered with the density that helps the pillow to sink just right when I apply pressure and put my head on it for sleep. After the pressure is removed, returning to its former shape instantly.

This pillow feature provides the proper support to my neck and spine throughout the night. This added benefit comes into play significantly when I change my sleeping positions continuously throughout the night.

One for all:

The pillow has the added feature in terms of the quality where it suits everyone regardless of their neck or shoulder positions. This is because the different heights of the pillow curves perfectly accommodate the different shoulder sizes and sleeping positions.


When it comes to the comfort level offered by Joey Pillow, there is no substitute for it. The company incorporates several features into the pillow when it comes to the comfort provided to the customer. This comfort level is what differentiates this product from its competitors.

Let’s look into some of the features regarding the comfort level that I took into account when I was choosing this pillow:

The Cooling Design:

There is a cool side to the pillow when I look into the product’s design parameters. The tiny holes in the latex ensure the exchange of air in and out of the pillow, ensuring breathability and ventilation so that the fresh air flows freely. This design ensures a comfortable and cool and comfortable sleep, perfect for weather conditions like Malaysia.

Relief from neck pain:

The premium feature of the pillow manufactured by Joey is its efficient design, which gives me relief from neck pain and the right and proper support to my shoulders. This feature also gives me pressure relief regardless of my sleeping position. This feature effectively alleviates my neck pain and gives me added comfort.

Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial:

This product is safe to use for sensitive people allergic to latex. This pillow is engineered for the most sensitive people so that they can enjoy it without worrying about their allergies getting flared up.


The Joey Pillow offers value-added services, ensuring the design and manufacturing per industry standards and market competitiveness. The design, shipping, customer support, customer satisfaction, free delivery, free returns, and warranty options give it a unique product place in the market.

Price Comparison:

In terms of affordability ensuring quality, the pillow comes at a reasonable price. The added benefits of the free trial, return, and warranty makes it a good option for the customer.

While comparing the price of Joey Pillow with its top competitor like Origin Pillow, we can see that Joey Pillow comes at the cost of just 185 Malaysian Ringgits ($44.28). In contrast, Origin Pillow comes at 400 Malaysian Ringgits ($95.74). But, other than the price, Origin Pillow is of better quality than Joey Pillow, which complements all other factors and makes Origin a better option overall.

Keeping that in view, Joey Pillow is super-competitive regarding affordability.


Joey provides a lot of conveniences to its customers in terms of purchase, return, and warranty options. For the customer’s convenience, they offer a 99-night risk-free trial to the customers to get them satisfied with the product before actually buying it. Joey's delivery partner delivered the mattress right to my doorstep. The unboxing of the product is super-easy, and the user experience provides the premium quality benefits of comfort and pain relief.

A Good Alternative:

After all of our discussion above regarding the product specifications of Joey, I can say from my experience that there is a better alternative to Joey Pillow available that can give you high quality, affordability, and overall product satisfaction. That alternative is Origin Pillow. Its specifications will surely impress you a lot.

Some distinct aspects of Origin Pillow differentiate it from Joey Pillow. I can rate Origin Pillow higher than Joey Pillow based on the following outstanding product benefits:

  • Denser latex foam as compared to fiber
  • Tencel Fabric removable cover
  • Coolmax cooling gel
  • 7-Day Free Return
  • Designed in Germany
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 0% Interest installments
  • 5-star customer reviews


Given the detailed analysis of the price and product specifications of Joey Pillow, I can express that it is a good option in terms of the benefits that the product offers in terms of affordability, quality, comfort, and value. But, when it comes to combining all the factors of price, quality, comfort, and value of Origin Pillow, it comes at a higher position. It can be recommended as a better alternative to Joey Pillow.

The customer support and satisfaction services offer the company the added value to Origin Pillow, like a free trial period with a money-back guarantee, free returns, free delivery, and a 2-year warranty. All these benefits are coupled with the allergy-free 100% natural latex rubber manufacturing of the pillow, removable cover, and efficient product design, together with the added comfort of the product.

Given the analysis, I feel free and comfortable buying these products with Origin Pillow as the better option that offered me a wide range of benefits, along with better value-added services.

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