5 Best Neck Pillows in Malaysia 2023

5 Best Neck Pillows in Malaysia 2023

As you may already know, a good pillow, just like a good mattress is essential for a restful night of sleep and to prevent those annoying aches. It truly is the best investment you can make; after all, we spend one third of our lives sleeping. As much as it applies to your sleeping quarters, the same goes for neck pillows. 

Cheaper neck pillows tend to wear out quickly and become of no use. Given the benefit of the doubt, many of them do work astonishingly well but after a few mere uses, the material in them which is usually microbeads quickly flattens. 

So why not splurge a little on a valuable neck pillow that will do you a favor, especially on long, weary flights or journeys? The sleep experts are here to save the day with a selection of admirable and interesting neck pillows that are of premium quality but are not likely to burn a hole in your wallet. Let’s get to it!

GETHA Smart Neck Latex Pillow

This lightweight neck pillow comes in two sizes to perfectly fit a wide reach of people. The pillow is particularly bolstering because of its 100% natural GETHA latex that conforms to the curved shape of your neck, promoting proper neck alignment to reduce pain and soreness from resting upright. 

The GETHA Smart Neck Latex Pillow is designed to keep your head propped up no matter which way your head may toss and turn as you doze into dreamland, hence the ‘smart’ in its name. The adjustable strap on the pillow further helps keep it securely in place. Its removable 100% cotton case enhances the pillow’s ventilation and thermal regulation which will keep you cozy throughout your travel journey.

Price and Sizing:

  • Small: [23 cm (L) x 23 cm) (W)] - RM169
  • Large: [26 cm (L) x 24 cm) (W)] - RM199

OstrichPillow Go Neck Pillow

An ergonomic neck pillow that definitely stands out for its unicity and its high-functioning ability to maintain proper neck and back posture. The OstrichPillow Go Neck Pillow presents a high-end BASF’s CosyPUR® memory foam, known for its distinct adjustable property. Unlike other neck pillows that come in the common U shape, The OstrichPillow Go Neck Pillow wraps around entirely and offers 360° impervious neck support. 

Because of its memory foam material, this pillow can be compressed to 60% of its original size which makes this pillow extra convenient to bring along on your trip. Additionally, its adjustable Velcro® Brand closures allow you to customize the fit of this pillow to your ideal preference. The removable sleeve makes cleaning the pillow a whole lot easier and serves as a germ-busting barrier. 

Price and Sizing:

24 cm (L) x 21.5 cm (W) - RM299

Samsonite GLOBAL TA Memory Foam Pillow

Acclaimed for its tough endurance, the Samsonite Memory Foam Pillow comes through as a reliable neck pillow that gives travelers a sense of comfort and confidence on their adventurous journeys. Donning a minimalistic design and a convenient snap button to quickly fasten the pillow implacably to your neck, it makes a fabulous travel accessory. Its gel memory foam interior not only cradles your head and neck in an optimal upright resting position but helps regulate your temperature, hindering that suffocating feeling.

Price and Sizing:

30 cm (L) x 30 cm (W) - RM99

Naturenite Neck Pillow | Travel Pillow 

Can’t seem to find a neck pillow that would not bother your irksome allergies? If you don’t already know, dust mites, mold and other contaminants are the main reason behind allergies but natural latex is hypoallergenic, preventing the inhibition of these pesky sources of allergens. The Naturenite Neck Pillow is made up of natural latex, making it a fitting option for you and your allergy needs. Its latex core gives this pillow its compressible yet firm feel to provide ultimate comfort and backing support. 

Adding to the benefits of its latex core is the durability of the pillow so you can take it with you on all your expeditions without worrying about it deteriorating mid-travel. The well-thought-out ventilation holes make provision for body heat to dissipate at a faster rate and improve moisture absorption. 

Price and Sizing:

30 cm (L) x 30 cm (W) - RM80

Trtl Travel Pillow

The Trtl Travel Pillow is a product of ingenious innovation. It may look a little bit odd at first but when you're sat on a plane for an 8-hour journey, functionality always outweighs fashion. This revolutionary travel pillow looks like a microfiber cloth but functions as a neck pillow. Simply wrap the Trtl Travel Pillow around your neck, secure the adjustable fasteners and just like magic, the travel pillow steadily keeps your head in place. 

Composed of super-soft hypoallergenic fleece, you will be swaddled in comfort and bracing support that will prevent your head from bobbing to the side or front. The Trtl Travel Pillow is especially great for travel because it barely takes up any space in your luggage. 

Price and Sizing:

18 cm (L) x 18 cm (W) - RM215

As we mentioned at the beginning, a good pillow equals quality sleep so as much-needed as an exceptional neck pillow is, the pillow you sleep on during the night should be taken into account as well.

 The Crown Jewel of Pillows

Want that good quality sleep? Then the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow is what you need. Designed to do it all, from alleviating pains and aches by firmly molding to and supporting the curves of your head and neck to regulating your temperature on sweltering nights with its cooling gel interior. 

The Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow is fitted in a removable TENCEL™ Lyocell fiber case that is remarkably softer than cotton so aside from its bolstering quality, you will also be getting incomparable plushy comfort. Do yourself a favor and put an end to those unbearable sleepless nights with the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow.

Price and Sizing:

65 CM (L) x 40 CM (W) - RM400

Now that you know which neck pillows stand above the rest, we bid you a safe journey and restful naps on your travel adventures!

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