Best Pillows for Neck Pain Review 2023

Best Pillows for Neck Pain Review 2023

Hard or soft pillow, both can be responsible for causing restless nights resulting in stiff neck and shoulders. Do you also wake up in discomfort and severe neck pain? Many people focus on buying a good mattress without knowing that they need the right pillow to treat their neck pain.

Good pillows are essential for having a sweet night's sleep. It is essential to get that one specific pillow that suits your sleeping style and provides your neck with the proper support.

If you are looking for the best pillows to improve your sleep quality, keep reading to discover the best pillows for neck pain and choose the one that fits you the best!

Best Pillow Brands to Relieve Your Neck Pain

●    Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow - Best Pillow Among All

Origin Mattress has all the best mattresses and pillows in Malaysia. Its Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow offers you latex foam support, and it has an entirely removable fabric pillow cover.

Compared to other brands' pillow material, Origin latex pillow has denser foam material than other fibre or memory foam. This pillow is incredibly durable and suited for people suffering from allergies as it comes with hypoallergenic properties.

Another exciting feature of this pillow is that it is impression resistant! It remains the same for years and never loses its firmness. You will still be able to feel its softness and shape after years of usage.

Also, this pillow's luxuriously stitched Tencel fabric cover can be washed in a machine. Tencel fabric is eco-friendly and offers natural comfort and a softer feel. Not only this, but this pillow is also hypoallergenic and lightweight, which makes it the perfect pillow for hot summers. 

This reasonably priced pillow cost RM539.48 and has dimensions 65cm x 40cm x 13cm. It is specially designed in Germany and comes with a 2-year warranty with 7 days free return policy.

●     Joey Pillow - Maintain a Good Body Posture!

Joey Mattress started its online business model to solve the problem of mattress shopping. They aim to deliver products to their customers directly from the factory at a fraction price. 

Joey Mattress offers the Joey Pillow, made with 100% natural grade-A latex. It is a full-latex pillow that gives your head, neck and shoulder proper support and relief from pressure regardless of the style and position you sleep in.

This 10cm and 12cm ergonomically curved-shaped pillow ensure the support between your neck and shoulder. The latex material is plotted with a density that sinks in just right while you sleep and will instantly bounce back to its shape. With this Joey Pillow, you will get the proper support for the whole night, even if you change your sleeping positions frequently.

Besides, the tiny holes present in latex provides you with ventilation and breathability; you will get fresh air and relaxed sleep even in the hot season. The pillow can be purchased for RM 185.00.

●    IKEA KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic Pillow - No More Sweating While Sleeping

During hot summers, people who depend only on fans to keep themselves cool commonly face clammy necks, itchiness, and sweaty faces during sleep. If you are one of them, try out IKEA KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic Pillow for just RM246.83! It is just what you need for a better night's sleep and a relaxed neck.

Want to know the trick behind it? Made of high-quality memory foam topped with a gel layer, this IKEA ergonomic pillow allows you to enjoy a calm, soothing sleep surface through the night.

The pillow allows maximum air circulation on the hottest nights. The soft foam of the pillow contours equals body weight distribution, which is beneficial for people suffering from neck and other chronic back problems.

●    AKEMI Outlast Hiloft Pillow - Solution for Neck Pain

Akemi was founded in 2012 and is the leading eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia. Akemi offers some of the best pillows that are great to relieve you from neck pain. One of them is the AKEMI Outlast Hiloft Pillow for RM204.99. This active thermal regulation pillow helps to manage the heat and provide you with a high level of comfort and calmness when sleeping or resting.

If you wake up sweating during summer, try out this pillow as it prevents you from temperature fluctuations. It is filled with fibres that deliver a firm yet lofty feeling with an airy sensation.

Comfortable yet supportive, this Outlast Hiloft pillow is made out of bouncy microfiber and plump. Thanks to the tight weave of this pillow's microfiber that keeps you cool during hot nights in Malaysia. This pillow is best for you if you have allergies because the microfibers are tightly woven and provide moisture control while controlling sweat production. 

●    Getha Contour Latex Pillow - Fits for All Sleeping Positions

Getha is a lifestyle brand that started back in 1969. This brand offers pillows that are made from 100% natural latex.

Another pillow for neck pain is Getha Contour Latex Pillow which costs just RM305.10. It is a dream pillow for all side sleepers, and it has a contour-shaped design and a valley in between two raised ends that best fits your neck, head, and shoulder.

When you flip the pillow to the other side, it has a flat surface just in case you would like a change in your sleeping position. Also, the distinctive curve in its middle offers you superior support for the head; however, the elevations on both ends of the pillow give your neck extra support. All of these ergonomic features help reduce neck pain while relieving tension resulting from spinal misalignment or excessive pressure on your neck during sleep.


Pillows are one of the favourite things of many people. Besides the comfy and soft properties of the pillow, many people can't sleep properly for the whole night; that is why you need to buy Origin's best pillow! Among all the best pillows for neck pain listed above, Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow by Origin Mattress takes the lead in providing the best quality, services, and affordability. Whichever pillow you choose, Origin will be your perfect fit!

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