Polyester Pillows 2023 | You are going to want to read this!

Polyester Pillows 2023 | You are going to want to read this!

Pillows? What's best for you?

A major portion of our lives is spent sleeping. To make this experience memorable and worthwhile, the use of a comfortable pillow is always recommendable. Through this article, we will decide whether you should get a latex or polyester pillow.

Polyester Pillow:

Polyester is a petroleum product made by a scientific process called garnering whereby raw material is converted to smaller microfibers or balls. The softness of such fibres balls varies depending upon the scientific treatment given to them.


Polyester pillows are one of the popular pillows. These pillows owe their fame to softness, low cost, and how it is easily washable. These pillows are lightweight. The maintenance of polyester pillows is easy because they are machine washable and dryable.

The microfibres that constitute a polyester pillow are hollow from the inside for absorbing moisture and subsequently releasing it out. This mechanism ensures that the pillow remains breathable and free from germs and other micro-organisms. An added benefit of this feature is that the pillow is washed easily and then dried clean.


While super comfortable, polyester pillows are not an ideal choice for those who are prone to developing allergies. These pillows can also get lumpy over time and don't last very long. Because of the nature of the material, polyester pillows can also be loud and can house bedbugs. The latest findings also show that the presence of chemicals in polyester pillows may be toxic to our health.

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Latex Pillow:

Latex is found in both organic and synthetic forms. It can also be engineered with a mix of both natural and man-made latex. The white milky sap found in some of the trees is the raw material for obtaining organic latex.


Organic latex pillows are odourless, hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly. These pillows are highly elastic, environmentally safe and help with chronic neck, back and shoulder aches. They rank higher in terms of comfort level. People with bad sleeping postures or who wake up to cramps can benefit the most from this pillow. Spinal disks can rest well and stay in the correct position with a well-aligned neck, shoulder and back through a selection of an appropriate latex pillow.  

Research also shows that a latex pillow can help to relieve asthmatic symptoms and lessens the frequency of snoring. People prone to nasal and skin allergies can alleviate their symptoms by using latex pillows.

Another benefit of latex pillows is that it is free from all types of moulds and fungi infestations. Latex pillows are low maintenance and long-lasting. A dip in soap water for a couple of minutes makes them look anew. These pillows are also static charge and flame resistant. 


Man-made latex is a petroleum and chemical product. The use of such latex in pillows is not advisable since it carries the odour of the chemicals that are used for its synthesis. They are more expensive compared to their counterparts and may be heavier and more difficult to move. The designs in latex pillows are not always neck contour friendly and may be difficult to adjust to for many users.

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Latex vs. Polyester pillows: Factors Comparison

Having the right pillow is vital in ensuring the quality of sleep. Many features are considered before deciding upon the right choice of pillow.


The first and foremost reason for buying a pillow is comfort. The more comfortable a pillow is the more peaceful sleep one can get.  

However, not everyone sleeps alike. All of us have our unique way of lying down. For a person who lies down straight with a flat back, a latex pillow is the best option. Such a pillow helps in aligning all the vital parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders and back to help the spine stay in a correct position.

A polyester pillow for this position can also come off handy as long as the person using it has no history of neck, shoulder, or back pain.

A person who lies flat on his stomach can opt for a plush medium size polyester pillow that can give leverage to the head and neck by dividing the weight of the whole body equally between all the parts.


Organic latex pillows are more expensive compared to polyester pillows. However, synthetic latex pillows can compete with polyester pillows in terms of prices.


Latex pillows last more than ten years. Their environment-friendly character and hypoallergenic trait make them the best choice for all age groups. These are available in different densities and sizes.

The polyester pillow’s lifespan on the other hand ranges between 2 to 3 years. These pillows tend to squish with the passage of time making them an ideal choice for people who either lie flat on their stomachs or back.   


Manufactured in raw, organic, and natural supplies, the latex pillow is an eco-friendly product with the highest value in the market both in terms of health and money. The exceedingly breathable material gives it the finest of hypoallergenic character. This attribute makes it the coolest of latex pillows in the whole industry.

The polyester pillow is providing the best value for your money. It belongs to the class of pillows that are helping people relieve pressure by intelligently targeting pressure points located in different parts of the human body. It provides a perfect pillow loft for all age groups and caters to the need of all bodies.   


Based on the comparison above, latex pillows are a better choice for a diverse variety of customers.

Origin Pillows provide their valued customers with the best quality of organic latex pillows that are excellent in terms of value for money and sleep experience. Priced at only RM400, it is filled with the finest and softest of natural latex, made even better with the most delicate of all fabrics to cover it up from the top. Origin’s latex pillows can sustain temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius and as high as 50 degrees Celsius.

 Keeping in view the day-to-day health protocols regarding neck, back and shoulders it came up with a series of comfier and long-lasting pillows specifically designed for its valued customers. It not only provides relief to people having medical issues but also ventures to bring about a revolution in the industry, in terms of luxury and a better lifestyle. The environmentally friendly and technologically advanced raw materials that they use are carefully selected and then put into production. Each pillow is finessed to perfection by a team of dedicated professionals.

Make your experience worthwhile and memorable. Choose Origin’s latex pillows for the finest of nights of sleep.


Origin Pillows believe in making the best of products by taking on board our valued customers and their preferences with aesthetics. Their latex pillows are one of the first-rate and soundest sleep-inducing products available in different price ranges, sizes, and qualities. They have also carried out multiple tests over ten years to come up with pillows that best fit all the sleeping positions.

Based on customers' feedback and studies conducted, they have made it so that their pillows are the best in the market. All value seekers, environment and ergonomic conscious people can turn to Origin Pillows. We believe in customer care through a range of quality assurance measures.

We understand that dreaming is important and for that to happen Origin’s latex pillows is always there to support your sleep. 

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