Top 3 Brands for Pregnancy Pillows

Top 3 Brands for Pregnancy Pillows

No doubt, pregnancy comes with never-ending happiness. The whole 9-month period is a joy for the whole family. But when it comes to dealing with pregnancy-related pain, many women are likely to feel discomfort. New Moms-to-be need loads of energy when you are expecting a baby.

Unfortunately, when it comes to rest, it becomes difficult for pregnant mothers, specifically in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. It is the stage when you may find difficulty finding the right and peaceful sleeping position. You need the right pregnancy pillow to snuggle up, which can make a difference in your sleep quality.

Remember, your baby needs all the care from both inside and outside with a growing belly. With the wrong pillow, not only can the wrong mattress not work well, but even the right mattress can't work!

If you are pregnant and looking for a comfy pregnancy pillow to improve your sleep quality, then keep reading. In this article, you will discover the top 3 brands for pregnancy pillows, it will aid you in making the right choice of pillow for yourself and your baby!


AKEMI was first introduced in 1992. This brand aims to create a special moment with home furnishings and accessories in every family. Their brand offers an extensive range of bath essentials bed and bedding accessories. They offer every single essential ranging from pillows, towels to bolsters.

This pillow supports both the spine and outgrowing belly (pregnant women). This pillow is Akemi Naturale Ventilated Contour Latex Pillow for just RM259.00.

It is designed to provide extra support to your back which is affected by your growing baby and belly. The body of a pregnant lady has a unique shape hence not all pillows are suitable. The wrong pillow may cause vulnerable back pain, pelvic stiffness, and restless nights. Therefore, you need to try out this pillow!

Akemi pillow presents great elasticity and offers great comfort to your body shapes and sleeping positions. It is durable and has bacterial resistance; you will not need to worry about all the mould and bacteria. It is made from double jacquard and filled with pure natural latex that responds to your body shape very well while relieving your pressure points.

Buy this pillow and provide some extra care to your baby!


Company Getha started their business in 1969, and since then, they have been providing their customers with 100% natural latex beds, pillows, and mattresses. They aim to improve every household, and they have skilled craftsmanship and harvesting to produce the finest mattress, bedding products and beds in Malaysia.

The Getha Company offers their 100% Getha Soft Natural Latex Pillow for just RM305.10 that all sleep lovers would love to have! This pillow is ideal for those who always have some extra softness, comfort and plush. It is suitable for all age groups yet perfect for all pregnant women.

This pillow has a soft density that provides the baby and the belly with an uncompromising amount of support. Place this pillow gently under your growing belly when you lay on the bed. If you face head and neck pain and stiffness, then use this pillow under your head because this pillow conforms to your natural spinal cord curve and provides you with extra softness and support to your head, shoulder, neck, and neck; and most importantly, your belly position.

Get this pillow and get rid of all the dust, allergens and fungus and mite because this pillow is antiallergenic and promises you safety and security while you sleep. It is ultra-push, comfortable and soft that lessens the pressure from your belly and strains to avoid back aching and stiff neck.

You need to wake up with a smile on your face, not stiffness on your body parts!

Origin Mattress

Origin Mattress is the leading company in manufacturing the best mattresses and pillows all over Malaysia. They have award-winning pillows and mattresses specially designed and manufactured in Germany. Their products are well known for staying cool, even during Malaysia's hottest days and nights.

Origin Mattress cares about their customers, and they also did not lack in providing the best comfort and support to all the pregnant ladies. Their specially designed pillow, Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow, has everything any pregnant woman could wish for to support her growing belly and baby inside it. The pillow comes in just RM539.54 with the package of all the benefits.

Pregnancy comes with lots of difficulties, and if you are also facing common issues of stiffness and aches, try out this pillow and sink into the ultimate softness for supporting your head, neck, and belly. The pillow offers you great responsive Latex foam support, and the foam is covered with a removable cover of Tencel fabric.

This pillow has a denser material compared to other fibre or memory foam. It is an excellent option for pregnant ladies because it moulds the belly shape, providing you with the right level of comfort. The pillow comes with hypoallergenic properties so that you remain free from dust, mould and bacteria issues. It is highly recommended if you don't want to face any allergies during your pregnancy period. You can use this pillow after your delivery because it is impression resistant and is able to hold its shape without losing its firmness.

Wrapping Up

There are many different types of pregnancy pillows available in the market, but Origin's Mattress is best for providing extra comfort and support to different body areas. This pillow also avoids sweating when you sleep. Analyse this pillow and don't leave it behind to make the right choice when buying a pillow to improve your sleep quality during pregnancy!

A happy belly makes a happy baby!

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